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5 Ways Pilates Helps Depressed Elderly Women

Philenia is the owner of Pathos Pilates. Pilates is a great way to de-stress while strengthening the body. You can get a 2-week FREE trial at Pathos Pilates, with unlimited access to workout videos and exclusive content. 894 altre parole

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Charcoal portrait studies 

After admiring so many talented artists on Instagram I decided to have a go at working in charcoal. It’s been atleast 6 years since I’ve used it so It was challenging. 41 altre parole


💪📚 How to Study More Efficiently in 11 points

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Today’s article is all about studying 📚

As an university student, studying is an important part of my life and since I’ve got quite a busy schedule, I always need to make sure that I study as efficiently as possible to make sure that I get as much work done within the few amount of time possible. 802 altre parole


Salah Jurusan? Pengalaman Kuliah?

“Salah jurusan belum tentu salah masa depan” katanya.

Aku coba banget pahamin kata kata itu. Sebenernya bener kalau aku salah jurusan. Tapi aku janji salah jurusan ga akan ngebuat aku nyerah kuliah di sini sama nyia2in apa yang aku dapet. 3.083 altre parole

8 Tips for Effective Studying (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Writer: Anthony Bernardo

Founder & Owner of: Teachers-to-GO! Online Education Platform

Contributor, Education, Games, Successful Living and Writing Writer

Teachers-to-GO! Searched for the best study hacks for effective studying. 241 altre parole

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