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SGW, 8-18-17, Luke 2:1-40

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3 Reasons Why You Should Love School!

3 Reasons Why You Should Love School

So, the school year is almost here! Who is excited about starting a new year (or new semester)? Most likely, you are probably excited about seeing friends or new people, but the academic portion does not sound as exciting. 989 altre parole


Study tips that got me a 4.0

With the beginning of the school year upon us, I wanted to share some of my best study tips that helped me get all A’s this past year. 254 altre parole

9 ways to ruin your relationship for good

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

  • It’s normal for relationships to have some degree of conflict
  • But psychological research has found behaviors that weaken a partnership over time…
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Emphasis and Remembrance

My favorite part of note-taking is drawing emphasis to certain crucial sections, definitions, and the like. Emphasis is the key to remembrance after the fact. Plus, its a fun was to be uniquely expressive and creative with your note-taking. 569 altre parole


We want to know what you think!

We recently launched our new website, the one you’re using right now! Since then we’ve been improving and changing things based on what we thought you would like. 73 altre parole


Can Blueberry Extract Help Prevent Postpartum Blues?

Postpartum blues, a range of sad emotions that peak five days after giving birth, is often seen as a precursor for postpartum depression. But a… 328 altre parole

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