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Seminar Proposal Ditolak? Sabar Dulu, Kita Hanya Jalan Memutar (Bagian I)

Semua orang punya rencana untuk menentukan sebuah tujuan. Ketika saya masih menjadi mahasiswa, saya berkeinginan untuk lulus cepat. Alasan saya ingin lulus cepat adalah saya beranggapan bahwa lulus 3,5 tahun itu merupakan pencapaian yang saya ingin berikan kepada orang tua. 705 altre parole

Need A Tutor?

Guys, I’ve literally written three blog posts in the last couple weeks and haven’t posted any of them. I’m a failure.

I started my jobs as a TA and a tutor for public speaking a couple of weeks ago. 244 altre parole

What's the worst that can happen?

In my role as a Cover Officer, I have faced many challenges relating to students not wanting to complete their work, because “it’s only supply”, or “it’s not a real lesson”. 433 altre parole


Indie Game: The Movie

In the movie ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ there is a selection of games showed. Braid, FEZ and Super Meat Boy. FEZ was created by Phil Fish… 141 altre parole

And a Happy (and Healthy) New Year

Academia is certainly not a profession known for the healthy habits it induces. After all, academics spend a good portion of their time inside behind a desk.  1.790 altre parole

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