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Dearly Loved

There are many things that I struggle with. One of them is feeling like I’m not good enough. It’s easy for me to understand that someone loves me, but it’s hard for me to think of someone liking me. 373 altre parole


Local author publishes career help book


Not knowing your next step can be frustrating; former Zurich resident Sarah Vermunt knows plenty about that.

Instead of letting the frustration get the best her, she moved on with grace and set her mind to what she really wanted to do with her life, be a career coach. 580 altre parole



After my Kanji tattoo, I got my star tattoos. These story behind these are much more simple but still have something to learn.

I got my star tattoos simply because I liked them. 459 altre parole


Hi there!

Hi! It’s great to see you here, but I’m willing to bet you’re wondering what the point of this blog is? Yes?

Well, I am Sue, I’m a mum to four and a military wife which means I spend a varying amount of time wondering, quite literally, where on earth is my husband! 196 altre parole

Career Choices

Beasiswa Tugas Akhir IOM-ITB 2017

IOM-ITB merupakan perkumpulan orang tua mahasiswa ITB yang memiliki tujuan awal membantu mahasiswa ITB mengatasi kendala finansial yang dihadapinya. Walau organisasi IOM-ITB berada di luar struktur ITB, namun selama ini telah turut membantu para mahasiswa dalam mengatasi berbagai macam kendala yang dihadapinya. 156 altre parole