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Throne Of Arcane Chapter 11

Yay. Saturday and we have time to do other stuff then go to school.

And I guess read.

Chapter 11


Throne Of Arcane Chapter 10

Yep, it’s Thursday and it’s another chapter.

It would be cool if you guys could discuss these chapters on novel updates or other forums. Just want to increase attention to start off.

But enjoy

Chapter 10



Wohooooo!!! The Arcade is on again and The Horror is at it. PREPPPAAAARE FOR BANKRUPTCY! :P

✿ When:
December 1 – 31

🚖 LM soooooon 🚖

Throne Of Arcane Chapter 9

So here’s what our schedule is going to look like. There’s gonna be 3 chapters a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That’s going to be our schedule until it changes. 30 altre parole


Throne of Arcane Chapter 8

Hey. Thanks for reading our translations. We only have one translator right now, but we will get more and if you readers want to help edit this novel or translate a new novel, we could use some. 43 altre parole


Throne of Arcane Chapters 1-7

Hey, It’s Proxy again and the first translations are up. And it’s from Chapters 1 to 7 of Throne of Arcane

I understand that some people are already translating this novel and have done chapters 1-5 already. 64 altre parole