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Alhamdulillah TA 85% Beres!

Inna ma’al usri yusro :) Puncak kebahagiaan atau kenikmatan terbesar adalah hasil yg didapat paska perjuangan & kesulitan. Luar biasa ga sih Islam menjelaskannya dalam Al-Quran? 366 altre parole


Then & Now: Teaching English 180

On the first day of the Spring 2015 semester, I was nervous. I sat in my office in Simpkins Hall with fluttering butterflies running amok in my stomach, dreading the moment I would have to go teach my new section of Freshman Composition. 571 altre parole


Unit 8 - Relationships

Following this class students will be able to describe:

  • Relationship Types
  • Factors that Affect Relationships
  • Steps Needed to Ensure Effective Relationships
  • Ego states and Transactional Analysis…
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Principles Of Communication

Black Diamond - BDE

Black Diamond has just published a nice earnings report. A little under the estimates but it was enough for a 36% rally in one day! There is a revers cup&handle formation. 51 altre parole


Working the dream.......Bored!

Growing up I kept telling myself I wanted to be a midwife.

Well, reality kicked in at 16, The thought of looking let alone placing anything near someone else’s Vag sent shivers down my spine and that weird teeth gritting look on my face. 428 altre parole