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Being a TA for the day!

I recently had the exciting opportunity to accompany some of the Year 2 RE students on a teaching day. I was assigned a student teacher, and helped her with whatever needed doing around the classes. 167 altre parole


Core Stability is Sexy - Part Deux

Let’s talk about your Transverse Abdominis. This is the muscle that helps you breathe and stabilizes your pelvis and your lower back.

Many people’s TA’s are weak and not firing – Why? 129 altre parole

Exercise 10

Match the phrases in Quechua with the corresponding phrases in English:

Anqas qellqanata rantiy                                 Buy a little bread

Mosoq sawnata rantiy                                     Buy a green purse… 57 altre parole


Exercise 9

  1.  Translate the following expressions into English:

Allqota rantiy:

Michita rantiy:

Chuspata rantiy:

Puñunata rantiy:

Sawnata rantiy:

  1. Translate to Quechua:

Buy a pencil:

Buy a house: 10 altre parole


Lesson 7: Doing the shopping

Here we will learn about the suffix -ta which is added to a word when it is the direct object.

To understand it we are going to use the verb rantiy, to buy. 32 altre parole


Freak Me

Bed:22769 - Neo Baroque Bed
Dresser:22769 ~ Neo Baroque Dresser
Lamp:22769 ~ Bull Lamp Black
Clock:-David Heather-Industrial Style Clock
Utility Shelf-*AF* Capturado Utility Shelf
Video Camera-TA VideoCam HD Pro… 24 altre parole

David Heather