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Gallows Humor - director's cut

The old bitch

was weary–

and died.

Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: write your obituary


1978 Pontiac Trans Am

While walking out of New Trier High School one spring day, Ira Kessler laid eyes on “the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in 26 altre parole

Matt Avery

Naughty in the bedroom..

This gorgeous and sexy bedroom is a new release from TA. The bed has a new menu and is very naughty ;) Happy shopping <3… 35 altre parole

To Be a TA

To teach or not to teach; this was one of the many conundrums that swamped my mind in the aftermath of university. So, before deciding to take what I considered at that time to be a giant leap and join the brave men and women on the front line of education, I became a teaching assistant. 256 altre parole

Osborne Cawkwell

Biti Petar Pan ili Odrastao?

Kako reče Petar Pan: „Jednom kad odrasteš, ne možeš da se vratiš nazad!” Ali ono što Petar Pan u tom trenutku verovatno nije znao jeste da se itekako možeš vratiti, odnosno da je ljudski mozak toliko komplikovana mašinerija da je osmislio način da održi… 2.025 altre parole


Toy Story 3.

Ben wasn’t a great player with toys as I’ve said before but one game which would always engage him would be to reach for one of his cuddly toys (he had a few the harder ones never held any interest), it would put him straight on guard, even if he didn’t know what toy I was reaching for, he was ready to defend it no matter what.  76 altre parole


First Solar - FSLR

The overall picture is bullish but now it might lose some of it’s momentum. All the indicators are in sell signal. Fibo 38,2% could be the first target, but the resistance at EMA120 seems a bit rough. 12 altre parole