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Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai

There’s no surprise at all if Wat Chedi Luang will be on the list of travellers as a place you must visit in Chiang Mai. This temple is almost everything you would like to see about Lanna kingdom, it’s rich by beauty and history.   254 altre parole

The Golden Mount, Bangkok

Wat Saket (The Golden Mount)

                If you looking for the combo set of temple with good view of Bangkok, Wat Saket or the Golden Mount… 358 altre parole

Is Thailand Really As Bad As "They" Say? Or Is It The Foreigners Who Come Here With Bad Intentions?

There’s really no other way to explain what I just read by just showing you what I just read – all credit to Ajarn.com, the place where apparently “men” go to lose their feelings and talk about how bad life is here in Thailand. 1.024 altre parole

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The Marbles Temple (Wat Ben), Bangkok

If you are done with the normal program tour visiting Bangkok like it was prepared to you by travel agency, there’s another beautiful and interesting place I would recommend to you. 329 altre parole

Chiang Mai: what to do and eat in northern Thailand!

Cuando aterricé en Chiang Mai lo único en lo que podía pensar era en pad thai. Esos fideos de arroz sazonados con pasta de tamarindo y salsa de pescado, combinados con huevo, brotes de soya, pollo, chilitos picados, cacahuates espolvoreados y unas gotitas de jugo de limón… ¡qué se me hace agua la boca! 2.481 altre parole

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Ilhas e praias paradisíacas para todos os gostos

Um dos principais destinos de férias de praia no mundo, a Tailândia conta com inúmeros paraísos balneares. As ilhas e praias ao longo da costa, tanto no Golfo da Tailândia como no mar de Andamán, têm como único senão o turismo massivo. 1.499 altre parole

Hidden Chains: Rights Abuses and Forced Labor in Thailand’s Fishing Industry

This report describes how migrant fishers from neighboring countries in Southeast Asia are often trafficked into fishing work, prevented from changing employers, not paid on time, and paid below the minimum wage. 33 altre parole

Human Rights Watch