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Aussies need more black friends - The Incidental Tangent #Podcast Ep 273

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(NSFW) Getting racism, misogyny, and feminism all in one podcast. Yusef talks about his wife losing her temper, Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly, Serena blackface costumes, and the Baader Meinhof phenomenon… 62 altre parole

The Incidental Tangent Podcast

Giant moths in my brain

I wonder ponder the rest of the tings that I forgot when I was young. The taste of shyness, the hunger of the dark. Each photo is a late night kiss on the surface of the moon.


What will people say?

What will people say?

The first time I said those words, I was begging an ex not to leave, and each time I remember the whole scenario with me at the foot of my ex, I feel so embarrassed, because I realized what I really cared about. 454 altre parole


An Interview With |Substance Abuse|

Happy weekend everyone! The weekend is always the best time of the week (obviously) and gives me chance to listen to all the great new music that gets released. 519 altre parole


Ex Situ, London

Saturday 22nd September at 3pm, please join curator Nina Miall and Caroline Rothwell  at Ex Situ, currently on view at VerghisArt, 32 St George St, London W1 for a discussion about the exhibition.


India to talk with Pakistan on 3 policemen killing

The Indian government has assembled off the conference of remote pastors of India and Pakistan, which was planned for New York on the sidelines of the United Nation’s General Assembly one week from now. 367 altre parole


4 week after the storm ... M to L

Dear Leon!

Saying goes … you make one step ahead and two backwards. I am happy it is the other way around for me, but I still make a step backwards from time to time. 394 altre parole