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A Bone Marrow Registry Nightmare: He Said No!

Avigayil has successfully trained many in public speaking as head of TED, a worldwide organization whose website attracts viewers that number into the millions. She is passionate about her profession and believes anyone can speak publicly if he is excited about his topic. 383 altre parole

Charities In Israel

Addiction is a disease. We should treat it like one | Michael Botticelli

Only one in nine people in the United States gets the care and treatment they need for addiction and substance abuse. A former Director of National Drug Control Policy, Michael Botticelli is working to end this epidemic and treat people with addictions with kindness, compassion and fairness. 36 altre parole


Beautiful new words to describe obscure emotions

John Koenig loves finding words that express our unarticulated feelings — like “lachesism,” the hunger for disaster, and “sonder,” the realization that everyone else’s lives are as complex and unknowable as our own. 17 altre parole


What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work: Dan Ariely

  • Meaningful condition: people are willing to work harder and for longer when there is even slight meaning to their work.
  • Sisyphus condition: people will have decreased motivation to work when they see no meaning to their work or when their work is destroyed.
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TED Talks

You: "No!" I: "Why? How to be a 'Yes'?"

Why would most of us hesitate to move forward or take a shot? Why would most of us have big dreams rooted in our minds while there’s no big difference in our life?  118 altre parole

Non Classé

TED2017 comes to Picturehouse

Awe. A sense of wonder. Life changing. Inspirational. All words used to describe the experience that is TED. Now TED Cinema Experience brings TED2017 to you. 306 altre parole


5. How the role of the Amateur/Individual can challenge Screen Media?

Like notice Henry Jenkins in his TED Talk, people are more and more how to become participants int their society. It’s mean that they are deeply involved in making actions, good action especially. 396 altre parole