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SpaceX's plan to fly you across the globe in 30 minutes | Gwynne Shotwell

What’s up at SpaceX? Engineer Gwynne Shotwell was employee number seven at Elon Musk’s pioneering aerospace company and is now its president. In conversation with TED curator Chris Anderson, she discusses SpaceX’s race to put people into orbit and the organization’s next big project, the BFR (ask her what it stands for). 33 altre parole


Busy Weekend

Last weekend was full of family and fun!

Friday, the cousins popped over, and we had a blast! I only caught one pic, because they were mostly outside staying busy and soaking wet. 53 altre parole

The TED Talk I Can't Stop Watching

(Source: www.inc.com)

The first time I watched, it struck me like a thunderbolt to the soul.

It cuts directly to the core of humanity, business and life. 227 altre parole

Money Matters

TED Talks on Social Ties

My action plan focused on networking, but that wasn’t exactly the inspiration I was looking for. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted so I browsed TED’s  385 altre parole


Public Speaking: Dissecting the Speech on Speech

How can you speak so that people listen? It’s an crucial question, especially for researchers, or anyone who discovers new ideas and thinks they are worth sharing. 836 altre parole


A Parkland teacher's homework for us all | Diane Wolk-Rogers

Diane Wolk-Rogers teaches history at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, site of a horrific school shooting on Valentine’s Day 2018. How can we end this senseless violence? 86 altre parole