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FlixChatter Review: Hell or High Water (2016)

When I first saw the trailer of Hell or High Water a couple of months ago, I thought for sure it’s going to be one of those late summer action films that would be shown at theaters one weekend and disappeared the next. 681 altre parole

Flix Reviews

The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

At 4 years old, H still struggles when it comes to expressing herself. She can utter 2-3 words at the same time and can say a sentence when prompted. 844 altre parole

Special Needs Awareness

The Storyteller's Secret

As you may already know I am basically addicted to TED talks, I have watched countless of them on all with different unique ideas and I am enchanted every time. 261 altre parole


Bring on the female superheroes! | Christopher Bell

Why is it so hard to find female superhero merchandise? In this passionate, sparkling talk, media studies scholar (and father of a Star Wars-obsessed daughter) Christopher Bell addresses the alarming lack of female superheroes in the toys and products marketed to kids — and what it means for how we teach them about the world. 7 altre parole


Education Technologies

Even though the content of the course disciplines are advanced, the teaching technology is not advanced as Peter Norvig metioned on his TED Talk. 340 altre parole


Ted 2

Mark Wahlberg

Amanda Seyfried

reviewed by Tom-Tom

There are certain film characters you meet once and then the magic they possess runs its course leaving no room for successful continuation. 485 altre parole


Julia Bacha: How women wage conflict without violence - Filmed June 2016 at TEDSummit

Are you setting out to change the world? Here’s a stat you should know: nonviolent campaigns are 100 percent more likely to succeed than violent ones. 32 altre parole

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