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Nieuws van de Week. 27 Mei 2017

Hemelvaart als voorportaal voor de zomer. Formeren is best ingewikkeld. Burgemeesters duiken onder. Finales leren verliezen. En dan gaan we vandaag ook nog voor het eerst dit jaar over de 30 graden grens heen. 992 altre parole


Episode 5 - Wine, Women, and Ted

Oh No! Where did Ricken and Sevis go? What will Cricket and Aiden do without their lovely goblin accomplice? Apparently sweet arrow tricks and river dancing? 44 altre parole


New Sustainable Nanotechnology Videos!

What exactly is “sustainable nanotechnology?” Even after over 200 Sustainable Nano blog posts, the answer to that question might not seem obvious! Fortunately, we have two new videos to share that do a great job explaining the mission of the… 55 altre parole

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How to find a wonderful idea | OK Go

Where does OK Go come up with ideas like dancing on treadmills, flying in zero gravity or constructing a warehouse-sized Rube Goldberg machine for their music videos? 44 altre parole


Elon Musk TED Talk

By Meshach Malley

In April, the South-African born engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk gave a TED talk explaining his vision for the future and what he was working to create through his various enterprises. 962 altre parole


A secret weapon against Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases | Nina Fedoroff

Where did Zika come from, and what can we do about it? Molecular biologist Nina Fedoroff takes us around the world to understand Zika’s origins and how it spread, proposing a controversial biological way to stop the virus — and other deadly diseases — by preventing infected mosquitos from multiplying. 8 altre parole