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Mysteries of vernacular: Pants - Jessica Oreck

From 4th Century Roman Saint Pantaleon to the trousers we wear on our legs, Jessica Oreck details the story of the word ‘pants.’

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Year 13

Fresh Out of Surgery *Possible Trigger Warning*

The surgeon came out around 4:30 to let us know it had gone well and David was doing fine. He told us to expect a call when David was awake and could have visitors. 406 altre parole

Graves Disease


We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 and began check in. Everything appears to be so organized and well put together. It is very comforting. … 269 altre parole

Graves Disease

It's all about relationships

I somewhat randomly clicked on this TED Talk by Harvard researcher Robert Waldinger this week.

He has carried on the research in one of the longest running research projects of its kind, the… 377 altre parole


Special Olympics let me be myself -- a champion | Matthew Williams

How much do you know about intellectual disabilities? Special Olympics champion and ambassador Matthew Williams is proof that athletic competition and the camaraderie it fosters can transform lives, both on and off the field. 32 altre parole


TEDx Yamanlar Malhun Hatun HS

It’s been a long time -actually 5 months- not writing a new post so I decided to publish things about academic activities I have participated in the first term. 129 altre parole