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Monday Motivation: The humanity of the featured extra

I often wonder about the minor characters in stories, the third ranking characters who appear in just a single scene or two, utter a line or two, and then disappear into the void from which all fiction emerges. 920 altre parole

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El derecho de los niños a ser escuchandos

Mateo desde que era muy pequeñito ha odiado que le corten el cabello. Cuando no hablaba y lo llevaba a una peluquería, fácilmente dos peluqueras y yo debíamos sostenerlo del berrinche que hacía. 733 altre parole


Wearing confidence is wearing beauty

I was watching Cameron Russel’s talk on TED ….’Looks aren’t Everything’ and it made me think how the world around us has always dictated what’s the acceptable body shape and look for women for centuries. 262 altre parole

A Crow Vending Machine

You’ll never see crows in the same way again. An extraordinary adventure into crow intelligence.



I find myself presenting to an audience quite often. Sometimes it is a boardroom of executives, other times it is a theatre of thousands. I did 108 events last year and each one of them made me nervous for different reasons. 866 altre parole


Stephen Petranek: In 20 Years, Your Kids Will Live On Mars

My following article below was originally published on SERIOUS WONDER

The case for Mars is one which is increasingly becoming the topic of the century. 304 altre parole