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StarTalk Live! #ClimateChange

On a hot night in Brooklyn, Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman get steamed up about climate change with help from their guests, Nobel Prize-winning climatologist Dr. 34 altre parole


#BlackLivesMatter in Cville

Friends, no matter what you may think of it, the #BLackLivesMatter movement has taken the U.S. by storm and has not waned in the past three years since its inception. 205 altre parole

Wendy Freedman: This new telescope might show us the beginning of the universe

When and how did the universe begin? A global group of astronomers wants to answer that question by peering as far back in time as a large new telescope will let us see. 43 altre parole


Vidya Balan takes the Aamir Khan route back to television

The world of television is not new for Bollywood star Vidya Balan. The actress who began her career with the cult show Hum Paanch… 74 altre parole

What's Happenin'

How does knowledge grow?

How does knowledge grow? Sometimes it begins with one insight and grows into many branches; other times it grows as a complex and interconnected network. Infographics expert Manuel Lima explores the thousand-year history of mapping data — from languages to dynasties — using trees and networks of information. 23 altre parole


A Fearful Monday

I was going to call today a fearless Monday, but then I changed my mind. Fear can be a son-of-a-bitch; it can rule the roost and stop us doing what we really want to do. 482 altre parole