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The 5 Secrets of a Successful TED Talk | Science of People

The 5 Secrets of a Successful TED Talk | Science of People

scienceofpeople.com/TED What makes a successful TED talk? Find out which patterns we found in the most popular ted talks. 18 altre parole


Pain's Gifts

I’ve been struggling with where to begin. Blogging, at least the way I do it, is sharing the thoughts and manna that God gives me as I do life, and I’m struggling because there’s been an awful lot of life and manna since I last wrote a fresh blog post (Re-posts don’t count as fresh blog posts). 958 altre parole


Do kids think of sperm donors as family? | Veerle Provoost

How do we define a parent — or a family? Bioethicist Veerle Provoost explores these questions in the context of non-traditional families, ones brought together by adoption, second marriages, surrogate mothers and sperm donations. 24 altre parole


Zoom! Zoom!

Having fun with toys at the cousins’ house!


Say your truths and seek them in others | Elizabeth Lesser

In a lyrical, unexpectedly funny talk about heavy topics such as frayed relationships and the death of a loved one, Elizabeth Lesser describes the healing process of putting aside pride and defensiveness to make way for soul-bearing and truth-telling. 48 altre parole