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Perchè fallirai nell'avere una carriera di successo.

Why you will fail to have a great career” è il titolo di una conferenza disponibile su TED.com, un sito di lezioni e discorsi gratuiti che abbracciano una vasta gamma di argomenti: scienza, arte, politica, temi globali, architettura, musica. 401 altre parole


Harry Baker - TED Video

Inspiring poetry video performance from slam champion Harry Baker.

If you know any good poetry videos please feel free to share them in the comments section.


Ted 2 (R), Universal Pictures

Ted 2 is exactly what you should expect it to be. If you sit down in the theatre and wind up shocked at what you see, then you my friend, are a moron. 332 altre parole


In defense of Ted 2...Kind of.

I saw Ted 2 Recently and it was just okay.

I laughed, I frowned, I was bored sometimes; overall I wasn’t terribly offended. The internet’s reaction, however, would lead you to believe that it was an hour and a half of revenge porn. 1.185 altre parole

Ted to gets its tv premiere on Channel 4 next Weekend!

Ted, the hilarious comedy about a boy living with his magical teddy as he moves into adulthood will get its tv premiered next weekend. 13 altre parole


'Ted 2' Brings To Life The Talking Bear Anew

Although Ted is, well, a stuffed teddy bear, the filmmakers of Universal Pictures’ new adult comedy “Ted 2” must ensure that he reacts perfectly to everything—including how he looks over his shoulder or how he does a double take. 881 altre parole