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The concept of the media refers to a variety of different means by which people can access information and knowledge of the events around the world. 487 altre parole


Chiste sobre abogados y cristianos en The Staircase

Hace unos días terminamos de ver la segunda temporada de WestWorld, y la verdad es que hace mucho que no me gustaba tanto un serie. Lo mejor que he visto en años, y en definitiva el contenido que subyace a la misma me hacen cuestionarme diversas ideas en torno al futuro del ser humano. 150 altre parole

Estados Unidos

"Seinfeld invented the Black Amex?" - Nathan For You, Silicon Valley, & 51 Birch St

What Have You Watched? Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 – What Have You Watched? “Seinfeld invented the Black Amex?”

Vin discusses Nathan For You

Marie dives into all 5 seasons of Silicon Valley… 19 altre parole


Doc's Top 25 TV Shows

Personal taste on anything is so often hard to define or defend – you either like something or you don’t.  Even with only three channels to choose from for many years, there are thousands of TV shows that a 65-year-old has been exposed so it becomes tough to remember them all.  4.689 altre parole

You pulled up in a rescue truck, showed up with a master key

The pseudo funk I wrote about last still kinda lingers. I know what’s causing it, some of which is completely out of control, which is the worst. 894 altre parole

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'The Gifted' Season 2 Trailer

Judging by the SDCC 2018 trailer, season two of The Gifted will ratchet up the action and introduce more of the mutants we know and love. 39 altre parole