My holiday to Tenerife: Second week

Hello there,
It’s me Sharon again with the second and last chapter of my holiday story! I hope you’re still willing to read about my holiday. 2.021 altre parole


6 Reasons Why Tenerife Should Be Your Winter Getaway This Year

While a Spanish province, Tenerife is in fact closer to the Sahara Desert than the Iberian Peninsula. As a result, the island combines that wonderfully relaxed atmosphere that draws so many of us to Spain, with the crucial bonus of sunny, warm weather all year round. 417 altre parole


Top 8 Places to Visit with a Rental Car in Tenerife

When we decided to have a week’s relaxing holiday in the sunshine, for once we were constrained by dates, times, wanting to fly from our local airport of course, what we were willing to pay. 2.259 altre parole


WIndsurf: Windwise 2017 kicks off - Tenerife and Bonaire coaching dates confirmed!

Simon Bornhoft Windwise kicks off the 2017 Winds Of The World Tour with some fabulous winter escapes! As ever, each experience features the unique Windwise Skills Training System, 1-2-1 coaching, video playback, kit tuning, quiver planning, special socials, unique adventures and much more! 135 altre parole



You may think it sounds silly when I live on a beautiful island, a 5 minute walk away from the beach with incredible weather and amazing days off but I am desperately in need of a holiday. 404 altre parole

Canary Islands

Emilio Leyes Catillianos and Litigious lawyers, are they for real?

The question if Litigious Lawyers, or their appointed lawyers Mr. Emilio Catillianos are for real, is something we hear a lot recently.

The answer is no. 389 altre parole

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