Papas Arrugadas con Mojo Verde Y Rojo – Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes with Green and Red Sauce

Almost anyone that has visited the Canary Islands would have enjoyed these potatoes served as a side dish. These little salty and absolutely delicious potatoes are amazing when served with Mojo sauces. 669 altre parole


Hazy Shade of Winter/Summer

In between Xmas and the unsuccessful attempt on El Teide was Boxing Day. Despite it being a very hazy day (more of the sand and dust in the air blown in from the Sahara) me and TJS wanted to do a walk. 611 altre parole


Tenerife at Christmas

Eight years ago my parents decided to change Christmas forever by taking me and my sister away to Tenerife, and this Christmas was no different. 812 altre parole



Over the Christmas holidays I got the chance to go to Tenerife with my boyfriend and his parents. It was really lovely and nice to see the sun again! 548 altre parole


Tenerife Bits and Pieces (and more sunsets)

After our first full day we had some rain! Mostly overnight and into the morning letting us have a lie in. The best thing about a winter sun holiday here is that spells of bad weather never last long and it was sunny by lunchtime. 548 altre parole



July 2016, I went on holiday to the pretty mediocre holiday destination of Tenerife. We stayed on to the South of the island at a resort called Golf Del Sur, away from the big strips, night clubs and the boozy British middle aged men who just didn’t quite make it in life. 383 altre parole

Menggigil di Tenerife Utara

Jika di selatan Tenerife saya bermandikan matahari, bahkan bisa berjemur dengan suhu belasan derajat, di utara Tenerife saya menggigil karena cuacanya yang jauh lebih dingin. Wilayah utara Tenerife dihiasi dengan pegunungan Teide yang masuk dalam daftar warisan dunia UNESCO (UNESCO World Heritage). 461 altre parole