El Medano beach, Canaria

El Medano beach in Canaria, Spain.

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Photo spot: Masca Valley, Tenerife

Forget about the highway, and take the TF-5 along the Westcoast of Tenerife when you are crossing the island. The road passes through small authentic villages and once you reach Santiago del Teide (at the very end/start of the TF-1 highway) you can make a detour on the TF-436 to Masca. 128 altre parole



In the two La Liga seasons of 1992 and 1993, Barcelona won the titles by one point over Real Madrid. On both occasions, Real Madrid lost their matches to Tenerife on the last day of the season, that allowed Barcelona to win titles.

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TENERIFE GR131. La Laguna - Santa Cruz.

The final chapter, another easy day that wasn’t.

The tram took us back up to La Laguna and that was the easy bit. We walked up the nearest hill, good view back to La Laguna, but our way from there looked awkward so we dropped down to the road again and picked up the ‘correct’ lane further on.  528 altre parole


TENERIFE GR131. Agua Garcia - La Laguna.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy, the dogs made it worse.

We are now off the official GR131 and trying to cobble together a port to port route which my map shows. 536 altre parole


Sunset in Tenerife

This is a very nice view to the sea on the tenerife island. They improved a lot along the coast. We like to travel there, because the weather is so beautiful the hole year.