Food and Vistas with a Friend - Pt 2

When we first arrived in Tenerife, Nick and I quickly started making a note of places that we would like to try out. The list includes restaurants, specific food items, activities and places or things of interest. 503 altre parole


On the road

Road TF-21 on Tenerife, Teide National Park.



This time I’ve got something slightly different for you on my blog- it’s a travel post! I would love to write more about holiday destinations and travelling but I’ve been so busy with finishing my university course, submitting my dissertation, applying for a masters degree and all the other boring adult responsibilities, that the thought of a holiday was the last thing on my mind. 823 altre parole


Day Nine.. 

What a day today has been!!

Had next to no sleep last night as Lily was up most of the night in pain with her ear! 712 altre parole

Daniel Marco Yariz, the fake barrister acting on behalf of the fake Amable Garcia lawyers.

Fake is the keyword with this fraudulent set up. Cold callers Amable Garcia have now come up with a new name in their web of companies and fake connections. 251 altre parole


Masca and the secret to wine.

So apparently, there is a skill to drinking wine. Yes, its a skill. So its not as easy as it looks. One does not simply pick up the glass and sip it (or down it). 1.043 altre parole

El Teide

El Teide at sunrise, Tenerife

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