Has VRE Travel taken over from Great Getaways Tenerife?

Many consumers have been asking us this question in the past week as all of them seem to be receiving calls from the company VRE Travel… 206 altre parole


Legitimous and Juan Luis Partalabo, new names same dubious pitch!

Yes another so called legal company and lawyer are approaching timeshare consumers who have been cheated before, using the name of Legitimous or Legitimos Abogados… 341 altre parole


Natural World, August 2016

The Natural World – Edible and Useful Plants – Tenerife – Canary Islands

The story of haze and heat continues throughout the August. The fading horizons become blurry and the low clouds persistently hanging in the same position, creating an almost everlasting sea of clouds, brought by the trade winds, that usually are strongest in the summer. 558 altre parole

Bamboo Forest Fruits

Mundo Natural, Agosto 2016

El Mundo Natural – Plantas Comestibles y Útiles – Tenerife – Islas Canarias

La historia de la calima y el calor continúa durante todo el mes de agosto. 675 altre parole

Bamboo Forest Fruits

“Conducta” wins first prize at Festival Insularia-Islas en Red

I am sorry to have missed this news earlier this month. A first edition of Festival Insularia-Islas en Red took place from September 30 to October 9, 2016, at Santa Úrsula, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). 282 altre parole


Walk from Erjos. Tenerife

Lovely easy walk, beautiful countryside not unlike Scotland or England. Unfortunately these are parts of Tenerife that most tourists do not see.