(60) Parador-Sanatorio Return (National Park)

Route Summary
Mostly on rough roads, with easy ascents and descents, this return walk provides fascinating and often awe-inspiring landscapes in all directions. At the mid-point we visit the closed-up and intriguing El Sanatorio buildings hidden away in the middle of the National Park. 308 altre parole

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NAV News: Just for Our Dynamics NAV Users

Today we’ll feature some of the updates and new views we saw at the recent annual NAV Directions conference in Orlando.  We’re sharing these with our own clients, but it only seemed right to share what’s new from NAV with our larger audience of blog readers as well.  430 altre parole

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So this morning I had my first Spanish class and I woke up really early getting ready for “school” starting with a cappuccino :) First we had an introduction, then a welcome breakfast for all new students, and the class was pretty intense since we are only two people in my class, so I had to talk a lot all the time which is exactly what I need to improve. 62 altre parole

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Mini family getaway to Tenerife

Mum, my little brother and I took a last minute trip to Tenerife for 3 nights and 4 days. When I think of Tenerife, I think clubbing and party destination however it actually makes a perfect family holiday.  665 altre parole



Good morning! Just came home from a powerwalk with the most beautiful view and fresh sea air. Yesterday I woke up early determined to go walking so I just put my sneakers on and went straight (ate a banana for energy as I need to eat directly when I wake up) and had my “Despacito” song and powerwalked for about 30 minutes, walked down to the beach and ended the walk with squats and stretching. 69 altre parole

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So I am back again in Tenerife for a little holiday (or maybe not so little with 10 days) to enjoy the summer again a bit and also to do a Spanish intensive course which I am really excited about that starts on Monday. 207 altre parole

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Við fjölskyldan eða margir úr fjölskyldunni pabba megin fórum öll saman í frí til Tenerife í byrjun ágúst. Ég hef farið nokkrum sinnum áður til Tenerife og alltaf finnst mér jafn gaman. 661 altre parole