Month One in Tenerife - Done! 

It’s a month today since we started our Tenerife adventure, and what a busy month it’s been!

When we were preparing to move over, we told ourselves that we would take at least two weeks out to have a holiday and enjoy ourselves. 824 altre parole


Tenerife – An island of Sun, Sea and Sand

Tenerife is a very beautiful and most popular island in the cost of North Africa. This island is surrounded with many other tiny islands in the Atlantic Ocean and is called as Canary Islands. 285 altre parole

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Travesias (Tenerife)

Pensart participa dentro del programa Travesías, Herramientas para activar la cultura local que se llevará a cabo en Tenerife durante los meses de Mayo y Junio de 2017 . 1.690 altre parole


Paradise: Las Islas Canarias

I’m a little behind in catching you all up with my life here in Spain, but I’ll just dive right in and start with the most recent adventure: Semana Santa in the Canary Islands. 1.063 altre parole

Is Ricardo Zanino Asesoria looking for your lost cheque?

For months we have been reporting the dubious set up in Tenerife, by the name of Legitimos Abogados or Juan Luis Partalabo.

Luckily many people found the blog warning on time, and a lot of consumers realized on time they were about to fall for a scam and lose a lot of money. 431 altre parole


Entrevista a Josué Ramos, codirector de Cultania

Josué Ramos es Licenciado en Historia con Diploma de Estudios Avanzados y Suficiencia Investigadora por la Universidad de La Laguna. Es el codirector de Cultania… 1.327 altre parole


Spiral Sunday #31 - hola Tenerife!

In a few hours I’m heading of to Tenerife with students and colleagues for our annual undergraduate field course, following which I’m staying on to be joined by Karin for a further 10 days of field work.   63 altre parole