User Inspired Holiday from Twitter 2017

We love your countdowns so much and if you follow us on Instagram and Twitter you will see how much we adore your countdowns. So, we decided to make more user inspired posts and stick to posting them once a month on our blog. 782 altre parole

(46) Chiguergue-Aripe-Chirche Circular (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
A circular walk taking in the attractive hill villages of Chiguergue, Aripe and Chirche. Parts of this scenic walk are on quiet minor roads, although other sections are on old rural paths made of rough volcanic stone. 192 altre parole

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I'm going on Holiday!


When this is published, I’ll be on the plane. Along with the fact that I am now scared of flying, despite the fact I’ve gone abroad ever since I was a baby, I’m going on holiday with my mum and sister. 457 altre parole


The Tenerife Wine Odyssey ~ Tasting Envinate's New Premium Volcanic Benje White...

Earlier this year, I received a hard fought allocation of the “new” Benje Tinto 2015. It was sold out before I could even tell my customers about it. 319 altre parole

The Tenerife Wine Odyssey ~ A Gastronomic Extravaganza at One of Tenerife's Top Michelin Restaurants...

You could be forgiven for thinking fine gastronomy in Tenerife amounted to the scenic local harbour side fish or tapas restaurant. These are the most prominently situated dining establishments on some of the best real estate. 584 altre parole

The Tenerife Wine Odyssey ~ The Volcanic Mineral Whites of Envinate...

It was at a tasting in London, 5 or 6 years ago, that I was first introduced to the “new wave” wines of Tenerife. Roberto Santana Envinate was working as head wine maker at one of the other top island wineries, Suertes del Marques, based near La Orotava, and I remember the white wines based around Listan Blanco just blowing me away. 576 altre parole

The Tenerife Wine Odyssey ~ Tasting the Benchmark Envínate Táganan Tinto 2016 From Barrel...

Envínate is the inspiration of Spanish young guns Laura Ramos, Jose Martínez, Roberto Santana and Alfonso Torrente, four friends who met while studying oenology at the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante. 383 altre parole