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When on exchange you’re going to walk blindly into a lot of situations. You’ll be invited and/or dragged to places and events not knowing what to expect or what is even happing. 134 altre parole

Top 10 Things To Do On Tenerife

Marco Polo’s list of the top 10 things not to be missed on Tenerife! Our best recommendations – from the top down – help you to plan your tour of Tenerife’s most important sights. 316 altre parole



I think I’ve mentioned a few times before in this blog a place called “playa del hippie”, a beach around the corner from la Caleta where people have set up there own little colony and live in tents or huts. 167 altre parole


When on exchange you typically don’t get to see your parents for 10 months to a year. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, they can come visit. 459 altre parole


Si vais al link podéis ver un reportaje hecho por una TV autonómica que cuenta mi historia en Tenerife y la de mi empresa Tenerife Job Training a la vez que os enseño Costa Adeje. 36 altre parole


Imagine lying on the beach in the sun spawned out on your towel, it’s perfect weather- not a cloud in sight, you’ve spent the day playing volleyball and swimming and just for a second you turn away from the crystal clear water to notice… there’s a giant snow capped mountain behind you. 105 altre parole