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imagined soundtracks | nebraska (2014)

Music and film intertwine on an almost spiritual level. The combination of the two can elevate the cinema experience, exhilarating or devastating audiences, creating a level and a subtext of emotion unmatched by any other film technique. 261 altre parole



About a week or so ago there was a thing that went around on Facebook showing someone’s study reward system. Basically they had put candy bars after every chapter – which is pretty clever. 631 altre parole

WIPpet Wednesday


I apologize for not commenting on anyone’s posts last week. I meant to, but then I got caught up in school work. All of the classes I’m enrolled in are fast track classes – so they’re shorter than your average class. 428 altre parole

WIPpet Wednesday

A Little Break...

Last week, the supervisor who is over Boyo’s therapy texted me asking if I wanted to bring Boyo in for an extra appointment. They had a training class that they needed kiddos for, so they can show the new incoming therapists how they do things. 739 altre parole

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Sneak Peak of my next novel: Between Thoughts of You

I am infinitely curious about love. What defines love? Is it a feeling? Is it action? Can it truly last a lifetime? Why do some with a lukewarm type of love stay together for a  lifetime—yet others, who seem to have a more passionate love—fall apart? 872 altre parole



I’m really proud of myself this week.

When I decided to change the setting of The Descendants, I thought for sure that I would have to go back and rewrite the chapters I already had. 399 altre parole

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C.H.B. Reviews: "The Descendants (The Souls Series B.1)" By Jaclyn E. Brod

Title: The Descendants
 Author: Jaclyn E. Brod
 Publisher: Clean Reads
 Publication Date: February 2, 2016
 Length: 130 pages
 Available: Amazon; ITunes
Amazon Description: “ 326 altre parole
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