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I’m really proud of myself this week.

When I decided to change the setting of The Descendants, I thought for sure that I would have to go back and rewrite the chapters I already had. 399 altre parole

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C.H.B. Reviews: "The Descendants (The Souls Series B.1)" By Jaclyn E. Brod

Title: The Descendants
 Author: Jaclyn E. Brod
 Publisher: Clean Reads
 Publication Date: February 2, 2016
 Length: 130 pages
 Available: Amazon; ITunes
Amazon Description: “ 326 altre parole
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The Terrible Twos

The Boyo turned two this weekend. Two! It feels like just a few weeks ago he was this tiny baby.

And now he’s this little boy who likes dragging me around the house by my finger, shrieking at the top of his lungs, climbing on things, and giving me gray hairs. 926 altre parole

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The Other Side...

I’m feeling a bit better this week. Things are still rough here and there, but Mom is home from the hospital, the family drama has calmed down for now, and I had a lot of fun doing… 692 altre parole

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The Descendants (2011)

2016 #57
Alexander Payne | 110 mins | TV | 2.35:1 | USA / English | 15 / R

Comedy-drama starring George Clooney as a Hawaiian with family issues: his wife’s in a coma and may’ve been cheating; his daughters are unruly; and his extended family is considering a massive land sale that’s the talk of the islands. 64 altre parole

4 Stars

More Outlines...

It was another busy weekend at the Olson household. We got rid of the old hardware on the vanity, did some dry brushing to give it some texture (only to realize later that repainting it black would have looked amazing… so much so that I may do it in a couple of weeks), and put the new hardware on. 524 altre parole

WIPpet Wednesday

The Descendants

Some films enthrall audiences by how big it is. Big action (think the Bond series), big effects (a la Marvel superheroes) or big drama ( 574 altre parole