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Houston, We Have a Problem...

Well, we had a problem…

The Friday after Thanksgiving, I did a factory reset on my computer in order to fix it.  As soon as it was done I went about trying to reinstall Windows 10 only to realize that our internet was too slow to handle the download. 667 altre parole

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The Descendants

One of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen George Clooney deliver.



A Little Light...

I wasn’t sure I was going to post today. I confess that I spent the better part of last week in a post election funk – and then once I pulled myself out of it, I discovered my computer was having issues. 336 altre parole

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Gone Away, Gone Ahead...

This past weekend, my husband’s grandfather passed away. We knew it was coming; he was 98 years old and had been having issues on and off for the past couple of years. 856 altre parole

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imagined soundtracks | nebraska (2014)

Music and film intertwine on an almost spiritual level. The combination of the two can elevate the cinema experience, exhilarating or devastating audiences, creating a level and a subtext of emotion unmatched by any other film technique. 261 altre parole



About a week or so ago there was a thing that went around on Facebook showing someone’s study reward system. Basically they had put candy bars after every chapter – which is pretty clever. 631 altre parole

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I apologize for not commenting on anyone’s posts last week. I meant to, but then I got caught up in school work. All of the classes I’m enrolled in are fast track classes – so they’re shorter than your average class. 428 altre parole

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