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Most of Alexander Payne’s 2011 film, The Descendants, was shot around the island of Oahu, Hawaii, although some filming did take place on Kauai and the Big Island. 263 altre parole

Movie Locations

Well, that escalated fast

In the last week I’ve gone from um-ing and ah-ing over what skateboard to buy, to taking the plunge and diving right in.

I’ve taken my new skateboard to two skateparks in London, local parks in Epsom, Leatherhead and Ashstead, acquired my first skateboarding bruises, practiced kick turns and rolling in (off the smaller ramps!) and had a go, albeit unsuccessfully, at rock n rolls. 469 altre parole



Everyone loved the new hit Disney musical ‘The Descendants’ directed by the legendary Kenny Ortega.

Finally ‘The Descendants 2’ is coming very soon and the soundtrack has been released. 206 altre parole


A New Start...

Today is Ash Wednesday – which is the start of Lent and 46 days of fasting. While my husband and I are not Catholic (He’s a member of the Four Square denomination of Christianity, while I come from a Southern Baptist background… a very reserved Southern Baptist background) but we decided to use March 1st as the kick off to a healthier life. 971 altre parole

WIPpet Wednesday

A Dire Situation...

Unfortunately I’m still having issues with my computer. The ram finally arrived, but it turns out that our precision screwdrivers – those tiny little screwdrivers you use for fixing glasses and things – have been pretty much thrashed by the Boyo’s trains. 358 altre parole


A Difficult Conversation...

I meant to post last week, but my computer had other ideas. Thankfully it’s working now, and I’ve bought a new battery and some more memory in the hopes that that will help. 431 altre parole

WIPpet Wednesday

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