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The Hobbit: Chapter 2, Roasted Mutton Summary

Bilbo slept in. When he awoke, the dwarves were gone, but they left evidence of a hastily eaten breakfast. Bilbo assumes they have left without him, so he takes a leisurely time cleaning up their mess and making himself some breakfast. 386 altre parole


The Hobbit: Chapter 1, An Unexpected Party: Summary

The Hobbit begins with a description of Bilbo’s hobbit-hole and a little background of his family history: the staid Baggins side and the adventurous Took side. 304 altre parole


The Hobbit: Music To Stir Adventure

Bilbo has adventure in him. It’s just hidden under the Baggins side of his nature. He was more easily flummoxed (19, 25) than favorable to something that would “Make you late for dinner!” (12). 104 altre parole


Dragons in Books

Many books in the fantasy genre feature dragons as real animals and not as mythical creatures no one has ever seen. They are serpentine beings who spew fire, and have both reptilian and avian traits. 547 altre parole


The Secret Fire

Tolkien and the Great War by John Garth

A Review

‘May God bless you, my dear John Ronald, and may you say the things I have tried to say long after I am not there to say them, if such be my lot.’ 1.024 altre parole

WWW Wednesday (1/17/18)

Taking on a World of Words– Definitely go check out the blog that hosts this meme!

Three W’s:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
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Let Us Ramble: Hobbit Holes and Worship

So, I decided that I would spend a day doing a light-hearted blog post. The blog has been pretty dense since I returned from paternity leave, which reflects some challenges behind the scenes of ministry. 994 altre parole

Weekday Rambles