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The Forgotten Ms Marvel: Accepting Yourself For Who You Are With Sharon Ventura

The superhero code name Ms Marvel carries a lot of weight in the Marvel Universe, symbolising the same level of responsibility as titles like Captain America or Captain Marvel. 983 altre parole




Part 1


Why Year 57? Way back in November 2019, I posted an article called “The Fantastic Four: Year One.” It took a look back at the first year of the comic book called “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!” If you haven’t read it now would be a good time to check it out. 1.342 altre parole


XTRO : Να ένας E.T. που καλό θα ήταν να ΜΗΝ τον αφήσεις να τηλεφωνήσει σπίτι του...

by Αντρέι Κοτσεργκίν

Στα τέλη των 70s o  Ronald Shusett πέταξε στον συγκάτοικο , φίλο και μετέπειτα συνεργάτη Dan O’Bannon την ιδέα του πόσο αποκρουστικό , τρομαχτικό αλλά και γαμάτο θα ήταν αν ένα φριχτό και εξωγήινο παράσιτο ‘ 1.456 altre parole


The Thing About ‘Friends’

The thing about Friends is the show said what it needed to say at the time it said it. It was clumsy; it was downright awful, sometimes (you know, … 283 altre parole

The Thing: The Apocalypse That Wasn’t

An alien threat lurks in the barren ice of the Antarctic and if a small group of men at an American research base can’t stop it from reaching civilisation, it could mean the end of humanity. 1.235 altre parole

Scott Derrickson Teases Remaking John Carpenter's 'They Live' - Matt Reeves Had Been Previously Attached To Reboot It For Universal

Scott Derrickson Teases Remaking John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ – Matt Reeves Almost Made A Reboot Of The Film For Universal

Yesterday there was an update that John Carpenter and Blumhouse would be working together on an upcoming remake of The Thing based on the lost manuscript Frozen Hell, the longer original version of Who Goes There? 505 altre parole

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'The Thing' Reboot in Early Development With Blumhouse, John Carpenter

Blumhouse Productions and filmmaker John Carpenter are developing a reboot of Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic “The Thing,” Variety has confirmed. The project is still in early stages, and no other details have been hammered out. 304 altre parole