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VCR - The xx

The perfect song for a peaceful weekend.



I like making lists.  I’m referring mostly to “best of” lists, but I think I even am starting to coming around to making “to-do” lists (In fact, making this cartoon was on my to-do list today… talk about meta).   216 altre parole

On Cigarettes After Sex - The Band

Do you ever get that magical feeling, when you discover a piece of art or music, that just ripples something deep within you?  It’s a rare thing, which is probably why it’s so beautiful, so full of serendipity. 569 altre parole


The xx Update Their Social Media Content

On December 2015, the band comfirmed the were working on a new album, which would be the follow-up to their second studio album, Coexist (2012). Now, they just… 22 altre parole

News & Updates


Mais um post de uma das minhas séries preferidas. O mês de Abril correu e, devido à quantidade de tarefas que tive de fazer, não me foi possível escrever este post mais cedo. 90 altre parole


Drake Without Rihanna

Writers (including ones from Paper Mag and Billboard who get paid to do this shit) have incorrectly stated that the Kyla on “One Dance” is the Filipino R&B star. 225 altre parole