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2-in-1 Memphis Tinder

The date…

  • Day:  Saturday, April 5, 2014
  • Place: Memphis, TN
  • Time:  7pm-2am

The details…

I was living in Tulsa and one of my favorite bands, The xx, was playing a show in Memphis.   531 altre parole



I hate you.

How could you have done that? How could you be so cold and unfeeling?

I just thought that since we knew each other so well, you could have sent something my way. 284 altre parole


The Heart wants what it wants

Today, it occurred to me that a lot of excellent songs have titles containing the word “Heart”. After appreciating this truth, I decided I should arbitrarily rank them and create a playlist based upon the results. 377 altre parole

Music Lists

Jamie XX - Loud Places (ft Romy)

This is the latest video from Jamie XX, who as most of us know is the part of the collective group from London, The XX. This is one of the newest singles to come off of his album,  121 altre parole

New Music

Night Time

For some reason this picture reminds me of The xx song Night Time. Sure, I might have be playing the album, while shooting this picture. 66 altre parole

Fonzie Did It

Jamie xx - Loud Places (feat. Romy) [Eekkoo Edit]

You wanna know something ironic? I spent most of last night listening to this track on repeat fully intending to get round to writing a post on it. 129 altre parole


>Jamie xx ft. Romy: Loud Places*

A gorgeous tune for the beautiful weekend ahead… 

‘I go to loud places to search for someone to be quiet with…’

Life Imitates Art*