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Music Monday

Awesome mashup of the XX and Notorious B.I.G


Jamie XX (Jamie Smith to his mates) has been working on his own project, piece by piece for the past seven years or so. Finally, on June 1st 2015, Jamie, formally of the band ‘The XX’, is about to release his debut solo project ‘In Colour’, and we are very excited to see how this album will be accepted across the UK and worldwide. 268 altre parole


[ALBUM REVIEW] Jamie xx - In Colour

‘Ahh yeah Jamie xx! He’s that..music..guy..in a band? Was in a band? Remixer? Producer?’ Well all of those things, but it’s hard to definitively distinguish the brains behind… 383 altre parole

Album Reviews

Jamie xx - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) ft. Young Thug

Jamie XX is something new. Just when you think you know his music, Jamie will bring out a track with Young Thug. It’s surprisingly awesome. Good time start with an auto-tuned hip-hop introduction and flies awesome with a cutting edge production. 15 altre parole


#3—more than plain stillness

The soft female voice of the XX sings from my Crosley. It’s a little scratchy, yet comforting as two bodies lay in bed. We are so still; we wouldn’t scare off a deer. 211 altre parole

May Update and Music

Exams are over! I’ve finished my second year of university now and I’m feeling much more positive since my last update :)

Several blogs that I follow have grown almost as quiet as mine over the past few months and I don’t think that’s a coincidence, but now I’ve got several months of freedom I should be posting much more regularly. 314 altre parole


Octagonal Light

——————I stare at the octagonal light slithering across the doorway.

—–Sleep eludes me; the omnipresent past stabs at my mind.

———————-I pray to the unseen, but I fear my words fall on deaf ears. 188 altre parole