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Jauh di sudut hati yang lemah aku terus bertanya,
dalam kehanyutan diriku di pentas dunia,
kemasyhuran dan harta, kekayaan dan wajah,
yang hanya sementara, akhirnya luput ditelan tanah. 92 altre parole


Outlasted, A Love

My pencil is sharp,

My eraser is spent.

Pages smeared with melancholy.

Tall tales of the bad,

Suspense is consumed.

My chest is emptied.

This heart-ache; 23 altre parole


travel time

in as its own manner

and caught

as the significant

and window

and force

as its own keeping

and where it was the air

and lifted… 45 altre parole


New world news from Time: British People Are So Lonely That They Now Have a Minister for Loneliness

The U.K. has appointed a minister for loneliness to deal with what Prime Minister Theresa May called “the sad reality of modern life” for too many people. 233 altre parole


#writerslife: Writing and Exercise

This is my first post in this category, #writerslife, and it took me a while to think of something I thought was worthwhile to discuss on this page. 646 altre parole