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Italy 2005 ~ Rain in Todi

Tuesday, June 14th

Because the weather forecast was predicting cloudy skies and rain later in the day and then more rain continuing all week, I decided that this may be my only chance to see Todi before the rain began. 973 altre parole

Italy 2005

Owning a winery in Italy not as easy as toast but this couple is toasting now in the land of St. Francis

TODI, Italy — So you want to have a winery in Italy, huh?

Sit on your porch looking out at your vineyard on the hill, sipping the fruits of your labor under a warm sun, a plate of pasta in front of you as the church bells peal from a nearby village? 3.041 altre parole

Travel Stories

The Funeral Crashers. 12/15/18

I am a planner. I think our vacations work out better if I have a plan and we try to accomplish the agenda. But sometimes unintended events happen. 999 altre parole


Archives #1: Afrodite - Madajazzcar 2013

I’ve spent the last 2 years having a good breack from the music scene. Searching in my old archives I found here a good stuff to share. 30 altre parole


09-Sep-2018: Cutie

Met this lovely little cat today at the house we are staying at in Italy.