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Veggie Delight

Chez Gayanina is back … I didn’t stop cooking, no worries guys! Sunday nights are a typical moment of lazyness and junk food cravings . But Sunday nights are also a perfect moment for cooking in a relaxed mood, just trying to make the most out of what you find in your needy and empty fridge! 128 altre parole

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Coconut Soup

Coconut milk has such an inviting smell that when you add it to your recipes you just can’t wait to taste whatever you are preparing  :-)  Here you can find an exotic soup recipe ! 216 altre parole

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Sunshine Soup / Vellutata Raggio di Sole


Hello everyone!

Yesterday a sweet new member of the family arrived:

Her name is Miss Sunshine (because she brought back the sunshine in my house after my beloved kitten left, a few days ago), she’s so sweet and funny! 577 altre parole

Cruelty Free

Topinambur Cream Soup

Topinambur, a special tuber native to North America, also known as Jerusalem Artichoke for his taste. 

Serves four:


Jerusalem artichoke and Calendula Flowers Risotto / Risotto al Topinambur e Fiori di Calendula

Hello everyone!

One friend of mine recently gave me as a gift a little bag of calendula dried flowers, to be used in cooking…I thought there’s not a better thing than a risotto to try them, and why not with Jerusalem artichoke that I’ve been tempted to try for a while?! 436 altre parole