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Cucina con Rory: Risotto alla curcuma e topinambur

Non sarà bellissimo ma vi assicuro che è buono e sano!

La ricetta di oggi contiene il tubero topinambur, molto nutriente e ricco di sali minerali, oltre alla… 269 altre parole

Carolina Invernizio

I’ve spent the last several months on high alert and off my feet, but now that things have settled and the pregnancy is stable and proceeding nicely, I’ve been more active in the kitchen once again.  989 altre parole


Martina in LOVE

…with Topinambur.

the other day we had a conversation. We had it before, about a billion times for sure, but than it was super acute – thanksgiving/left overs/ food waste. 415 altre parole

Martina Wastl

Veggie Delight

Chez Gayanina is back … I didn’t stop cooking, no worries guys! Sunday nights are a typical moment of lazyness and junk food cravings . But Sunday nights are also a perfect moment for cooking in a relaxed mood, just trying to make the most out of what you find in your needy and empty fridge! 128 altre parole

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Coconut Soup

Coconut milk has such an inviting smell that when you add it to your recipes you just can’t wait to taste whatever you are preparing  :-)  Here you can find an exotic soup recipe ! 216 altre parole

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