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Well here we are

Well, I’m doing what I never thought I would do, making a blog. And I’m not just writing a blog. I’m sitting in a coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon, writing a blog. 294 altre parole


Santiago, Chile 

If you subscribe to our blog you will have probably already received one. It was published by accident and hadn’t been finished haha. Here is the correct blog. 1.646 altre parole


24 hours of luxury in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland is consistently rated as a city with one of the highest qualities of living in the world. It’s no wonder, then, that it has become a popular destination for luxury breaks, with quaint architecture, abundant shopping and picturesque natural scenery. 21 altre parole


An Amateur's Guide to Backpacking- Part 1

Hola amigos,

Welcome back to my sweet little blog. This is my first attempt at a travel post. It’s my “Amateur Guide to Backpacking,” if you will. 1.048 altre parole

An Open Letter To The WMC

To the owners of WMC.

I am not here to scream or yell at you. I just want to say I’m completely baffled by your behaviour. 362 altre parole


Where should I put my travel stories?

I have two blogs, one primarily for photos (here), and one primarily for writing (this one). So where do I put my travel stories? 35 altre parole