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Day 8 - part 3 - my evening in Treviso - 5-31-17

Continuing my day from my last post

After arriving back in Treviso, I returned to my B&B. I had no set plans for dinner. I love the food in Italy, but I am not the best pre-planner. 508 altre parole


Illustri persuasori della Belle époque: la collezione Salce

Illustri persuasori della Belle époque: la collezione Salce

by Iolanda Contin

TREVISO – Era il 1895 quando il giovanissimo Ferdinando Salce, detto Nando, acquistò di “contrabbando” dall’attacchino comunale, al prezzo di una lira, il suo primo manifesto, quello della Società Anonima Incandescenza a Gas brevetto Auer, di Giovanni Maria Mataloni. 577 altre parole


Day 7 – a day in Treviso – 5-30-17

Instead of having breakfast at my B&B, which was an extra cost, I purchased yogurts from NaturaSì, keeping them in the little fridge in my room, and went to a bar each morning for my caffè macchiato. 2.356 altre parole

Italy 2017

Day 6 - Udine to Treviso - 5-29-17

I was all packed and ready to travel to Treviso, but first breakfast! Before leaving, I spent a little time chatting with the very nice waitress. 2.102 altre parole

Italy 2017

Scaling Innovation through PPP: The Treviso model as state-of-the-art

PlusValue’s innovative approach to Public Private Partnership (PPP) through investment in Treviso Hospital has been heralded as a practical example  of the scalability of social innovation through a new type of coalition between social impact investors, the public and the private sector. 426 altre parole


Italy I: prosecco and frescoes

On Wednesday 14 June we woke to grey skies.  We couldn’t complain, as we’d had glorious sunshine for all six of our full walking days.  But now it was time to move on.  1.209 altre parole

Gap Adventure

La moda Italiana

In addition to my travel post, I am adding a style diary from my recent trip to Italian city of Treviso.

Very simple, neutral… 51 altre parole