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Let's Go To Treviso!

Since starting this blog, I’ve focussed almost exclusively on the mountains because a) they are great and b) they are great. However, this post is about something which is pretty much the complete opposite: a city, near the coast that is as flat as a beaver’s tail. 1.234 altre parole

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850 Kilometers Over 5 Days? Traveling from Italy to Croatia? Yeah, You Know You Want to Ride.

Announcing “Dalmatia Express,” a 850-kilometer Cycling Tour
From Italy to Croatia
Pilot Cycling Tour Will Lead Riders on 5-Day Journey, Beginning 15 March

This March, … 465 altre parole


Everything I've learnt in my first two weeks abroad.

Life is a journey. A journey that is marked out by milestones you pass and choices you make, and is influenced by the people in your life who both make you and break you. 642 altre parole

Treviso, Ti Amo!


Known as well as “the little Venice” has all the charm and half the crowds. Less than an hour away (by either car or train) from… 705 altre parole


Un elettricista in pensione trasforma il giardino di casa a San Fior in un parco incantato.

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Radicchio, not just a salad

500 grams of tasty radicchio from Treviso (the real stuff) and a lucious cheese (mixture of gorgonzola and mascarpone= really lucious!) are perfect ingredients for a quick risotto. 86 altre parole


From the South to the North and Back

This year has definitely been full of travels from the South to the North and back. I am Il boème mediterraneo for those who know me and there is no doubt I am a great fan of South Europe. 1.000 altre parole

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