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Blues Talk TV - Episode 278

This week on Blues Talk we take a look back at Leinster’s bonus point win in Treviso and the debut of James Lowe.  We review the rest of the weekends results before previewing this weekends European Champions Cup action.


Life by coffee and sleep

Ten days without coffee felt like a bear’s winter hibernation. It’s the season and I seemingly never miss a clean opportunity to get sick. Slightly out of commission. 723 altre parole


In the land of "tilaventina" Bee-orchid

The “tilaventina” form of Common Bee-orchid (Ophrys apifera) is particular variety, usually defined as a “lusus” (= “joke” in Latin), that can be locally find only in Italy in few places of Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 273 altre parole


casa rotonda

An interesting and somewhat mysterious round house, crowned by a distinctive cupola-style lookout, in the town of Cornuda, Italy –


A photo-walk in Quinto di Treviso

In the little town of Quinto di Treviso were realized some very nice footbridges and paths along the river Sile that here opens in a complex of lakes, canals and marshes. 236 altre parole


Treviso, Veneto

An historic town, Treviso’s roots date back to the pre-Christian Roman era. The walls of the city are bounded by the river Sile that runs to the south side and the river Botteniga that runs to the north. 322 altre parole


Embracing the Bitter: Baked Radicchio

Bitter. An overrated emotion, but an underused taste. I’m not jaded, but I have been embracing the bitter lately.

Baking and braising vegetables tames the bitter and brings out their natural sweetness. 470 altre parole

Vegetables And Salads