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Treviso (Away 2005/06- Lotto)

Treviso is famous for being the home of Prosecco sparkling wine and as the place where the dessert Tiramisu originated. The walled city is also home to a successful rugby club and is the location for several big corporations’ headquarters, including kitchen appliance manufacturer De’Longhi, fashion label Benetton and Lotto, who rather handily supply the city’s football team. 385 altre parole


Pensare il presente. Il 30 e 31 maggio il festival filosofico a Treviso.

Due giornate di incontri nel cuore di Treviso, il 30 e 31 maggio, per riflettere sul presente con alcuni ospiti, tra cui Emanuele Severino, Enrico Berti, Luigi Vero Tarca, Lorella Zanardo e Andrea Baranes. 50 altre parole

Fuori Emilia

Buongiorno Treviso!

After a rather long train ride thru beautiful Austrian mountains and then thru Northern Italian towns and vineyards, we finally made it to our first stop in Italy, Treviso. 164 altre parole


Beyond Treviso

We’ve been on the road for two days now, not counting our initial jaunt from the airport. Our butts are breaking in the saddles (or maybe it’s the other way around) and we’re soaking up the sunshine (seriously — we’ve had to apply sunblock multiple times a day). 322 altre parole

Worldwide Wanderlust

Firenze -- Fast and Furious

How many hours were Mike and Jackie in Italy before being interrogated by the police? Read on to find out!

Things haven’t exactly calmed down since we got to Italy, but we’re on vacation now. 318 altre parole

Worldwide Wanderlust


This picture was a kind gift from our friend Elisa di Saro. She was born in Sardinia but now lives in Treviso, near Venice. She painted it during a visit to a small town in Tuscany. 30 altre parole