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My First Search as my A.E.

8;36 Just discovered there is a book called The Turquoise War(who knew?)

It features gerbils! My eyes are being opened already.

Wow and there was me thinking all cages were the same and likely to feature a hamster wheel. 176 altre parole

Wrap Up Your Day

#Bestseller Wrap up your day-in, day-out look with this fresh update to a c+i bestseller, now featuring cool semi-precious turquoise + marbled chalcedony. The best part? 24 altre parole


Crochet Boho Bracelet

Something new to out crochet section.

This whimsical bracelet is made out of 100% cotton spun around an elastic tie.

Available in a variety of colours and lengths, to suit the tastes of both men and women, this dainty accessory will add a pop of brightness to anyone’s day.