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Hibiscus Birthday Cake

Hibiscus 18th Birthday Cake

9 April 2016

Dark Chocolate cake with 60% Cacao Ganache filling

Accompanied by turquoise/orange confetti vanilla cupcakes (not pictured)


How are semiprecious gemstones measured for their hardness?

 Semiprecious gemstones are measured for their hardness.

Semiprecious gemstones are measured for their “hardness,” or durability by the “Mohs Scale of Relative Mineral Hardness,” named after the Austrian/German mineralogist who designed it, Friedrich Mohs, 1773-1839. 269 altre parole

Attracting Abundance

Blue Expressions

Turquoise and shades of light blue are the colors associated with communication, expression, and the throat. For the Native American Indians, turquoise is cherished. This ‘stone of the sky’ is associated with communication, healing, blessings, and protection. 250 altre parole


Omiyage from Arizona

We made our way back to Phoenix with some beautiful healing crystals, cactus candies, bundled sage, prickly pear tea and jelly from my friend Nox, a magnet for mom, teal and lavender turquoise pendants and flat arrowheads. 37 altre parole


Super Quick Morning Makeup

Let me be honest, I’m alwasy rushing in the morning. I always try to get up earlier so that I can have more time for things and just have a more relaxing morning… but I don’t succeed with that too often! 345 altre parole


One Word Challenge: Tibetan Gau Box Jewelry

A Tibetan Gau Box is a Buddhist amulet container or prayer box, usually worn as jewelry.

In these two Gau Boxes the box slides open from the bottom, and a prayer or love amulet can be placed inside.

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One Word Photo Challenge