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Tools: Sketching Bag, the Saga Continues

Some of you know that I wanted to rid myself of the color of my beige sketch bag,
as I am not a beige-kinda-gurl,
and had one… 242 altre parole

De Atramentis Document Ink

Of the green

I decided to try out the Runekeeper class, and named the new character after a similar style of mage from another fantasy series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Cadsuane Melaidhrin of the Green Ajah, eldest living Aes Sedai. 99 altre parole

Lord Of The Rings Online

Just a Blog Post

Hey everyone! I really don’t have much of a blog post today, but I thought I would share a little bit from the bridal shower, a little bit more from Hawaii, and a deal from Redbubble. 189 altre parole

Our Projects

Baby Solid Food Schedule: the All Natural, Chemical Free, Homemade Way

When it came time to start feeding my baby solid food, all I knew was that I wanted to make it myself. No additives, chemicals, colourings, packaging, or exorbitant price mark-ups (have you noticed that anything related to babies or weddings are ridiculously overpriced?!). 1.613 altre parole


We're going colour crazy

We recently had a commission and the initial brief was very simple, “necklace please and colour, colour, colour”. ¬†We love to use various gem stones to add colour to our jewellery but it can be quite difficult balancing one colour and stone shape against another, so this necklace was a bit of a challenge. 80 altre parole