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Carnival Row (08-31-19) Reviewed by Anita ***

You could say this is still hot or fresh off the press. Amazon Prime has made another 8 episode hit with this Steampunk, Cosplay gem. Mixing together Knights of Renaissance Faire and today’s darkest fantasy world constructed within a Victorian landscape. 273 altre parole


MidWeek Updates: Are You Read for Disney+?


Hello peeps! Today is kinda slow but will be making up for it for the rest of this week. Starting off with Disney+. As you’ve already heard, Disney is joining the ranks of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in the business of streaming. 135 altre parole


Things I Learned While Watching TV Part 1

Oh, I get it. Blacklist is a prime time soaper disguised as an action thriller, sort of like bits of Homeland mixed with the original… 272 altre parole

Cookie Crumbled: Strongest Moment

Empire was really good Last night. I had to think before I could type anything. So much in one episode. Lets start with Cookies breakthrough. When you meet that one person you have to drop the shenanigans. 237 altre parole


Happy Halloween! What's got you scared? Commentary by Anita 2019

Take a break from the fear of politics and watch something that will feed the mind. Halloween style, thriller, cheesy, scary all the way movies and TV. 510 altre parole


247 - Booksmart

BOOKSMART is the movie of the year. Best picture winner, 2019, already locked up.

Alright, this might be a small exaggeration. But BOOKSMART rules! Brian saw it on release and has been evangelical about it ever since! 44 altre parole


Treadstone is a new USA original series based on the organization that made Jason Bourne. The pilot is, to me, a big pile of garbage. They introduce a bunch of characters in a bunch of different places with cliched “waking a sleeper agent” plots don’t connect them together. 73 altre parole