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UFO - Lights Out

There are two songs that I will blast in the car to the point that my ears hurt: The Kids Are Alright by The Who and this little number. Enjoy!


Shocking Limericks for the Easily Offended

The saucer I saw in the skies
Was certainly quite a surprise
But my nightmare began
When a little green man
Said: “Greetings!” and opened his flies. 128 altre parole



Hey, guys, I hope you are all having an absolutely amazing day. Today I am going to be writing about one of my favourite planets Pluto. 536 altre parole

Alien Whistle-blowers unmask hidden Agenda. Secret program disclosed.

Representatives of the free extraterrestrial races in this region of space are blowing the whistle on the covert activities of the extraterrestrial presence in world, and providing critical information that the extraterrestrial intruders do not wish to be revealed. 2.801 altre parole



A few nights ago, after quite a hot day, we went outside to sit under the stars and enjoy the coolness of the evening.  We live in Stafford Springs, CT and there isn’t a lot of light pollution here to obscure the night sky’s vista.  198 altre parole

Mengungkap Misteri Hollow Earth (Teori Bumi Bolong), Benarkah Ada Peradaban Lain Di Dalam Sana?

Pernah dengar teori Hollow Earth? Secara bahasa, Hollow berarti rongga/lubang, dan Earth artinya Bumi, jadi secara bahasa disebut sebagai teori Bumi berongga/Bumi berlubang/Bumi Bolong. Teori Hollow Earth ini cukup menarik sebab memiliki banyak misteri dan kontroversi di dalamnya. 1.573 altre parole