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The Mirror: "Did UFO 'Chase' Military Plane?" No.

Keep an eye on the news for odd events and unusual reports, and one thing you’ll notice in very short order is that there are a lot of stories that rely on video recordings, often picked up from YouTube by the high-powered, professional, probing journalists who definitely aren’t just chasing a quick, cheap story to meet a deadline heavens no. 427 altre parole


Twosday Haps

Do you ever have days where nothing goes as planned and you feel frustrated? I’m having one of those, and I’m trying to turn it around by looking at what is going right, instead. 358 altre parole


Lifestyle| @MBandF Fifth Element Piece Keeps Time & Weather Forcasting

• When it comes to elegance & innovation, MB&F tends to lead the way down a lavish pathway of fine Watch Wear & Accessories. Adding to their arsenal of exquisite time-pieces, is their latest release dubbed ‘ 102 altre parole


5 Most Mysterious Photos Caught By NASA On The Moon

From an Apollo 16 UFO sighting to a possible moonbase, here are the 5 most mysterious photos caught by NASA on the moon…