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Odd UFO Photographed in Australia

A man vacationing in Australia last week was amazed to discover that he had photographed an odd UFO zipping through the sky.

source http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/odd-ufo-photographed-in-australia


Cosmical Theme

Girl at the bar: “What’s it about?”

Me: “Well, a seriously weird late-night encounter happens in a cowfield a few miles outside of town, okay? And these two buds, Zack and Dougie, end up getting sucked into the middle of some seriously weird stuff as a result; you know, lights in the sky, shadowy G-men, missing jewelry and interdimensional portals, like that? 658 altre parole

Meeting No. 21 - Storytime with Pammy - Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi interviews her mom, Pammy, about the strange things she’s witnessed in her life – angels, a “pure love” encounter with a stranger at church, a creepy premonition at the park, the murder of her aunt Betty Jo by a stalker, and UFOs in the suburbs. 73 altre parole