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Lenticular Cloud, Northumberland

Not faked. Honest. Sent shivers down the spine driving under it….



Pippa Stuns At Charity Event and UFO Solved

Pippa stepped out today looking sleek and elegant in a blue Tephi jumpsuit. The mum-to-be (and aunt to the NEW PRINCE LOUIS! OH YES!) and perfectly purple earring by Bimba Y Lola. 271 altre parole


But, Seriously, Where Are the Aliens?


Humanity may be as few as 10 years away from discovering evidence of extraterrestrial life. Once we do, it will only deepen the mystery of where alien intelligence might be hiding. 759 altre parole


Monthly Round-Up: May

I know I’m ridiculously late in publishing my May Round-Up, and the minute I publish this post I shall be concentrating on my my monthly round-up for June, but life has been madder than usual on Planet Dom of late, as some of you know all too well. 825 altre parole


Η Αλήθεια Είναι Ολοφάνερη,αλλα η επιστημονικη ερευνα δεον ως δεικνυει τουτη

Η “άγνωστη” ιστορία του πλανήτη Γη.

Μια υπέρ συμπιεσμένη περίληψη για όσους τυχόν ενδιαφέρονται και έχουν Νου χωρίς παρωπίδες ! Οι πηγές των θρησκειών του ανθρώπου και η προέλευση θρυλικών όντων όπως ο Δίας, ο Όσιρις, η Ίσις, ο Μινώταυρος και ένας αριθμός “μυθολογικών” προσώπων εξηγούνται επίσης και τοποθετούνται στον καμβά τη ιστορίας της Γής.




In previous posts, I’ve often written about aliens stealing energies from their victims. All the dead bodies found in waterways have no signs of external injury but what about… 1.420 altre parole