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UFO Penguin Abduction

I love gifs, and am enjoying making them, too. My kids were wondering why aliens abduct cows–who wouldn’t want a penguin? Who indeed! More of my gifs here: KAZ-GIPHY

Art For No Reason

Clay Tongue is up for an award! Also: Intraterrestrial release date confirmed!

So, I have a couple of cool updates to share. First up, Clay Tongue: A Novelette is up for an award!

This past weekend, I received notice from Rosie Amber of Rosie’s Book Review Team that her reviewers had nominated… 285 altre parole

The Hill Case -- Part 3

What We Know and How We Know It, Part 3

What we know: Betty and Barney misidentified the aircraft warning light on the top of Cannon Mountain as a flying saucer, continued. 544 altre parole

New Hampshire


Alien Contactee Linol Anderson speaks on NASA and how they will be coming out with disclosure but it will be filled with deception! This is a MUST WATCH MUST SHARE!!! 19 altre parole

Alien Videos

Sharing the Mystery - Mass Hallucinations

When I was a kid, maybe about 6 or 7 years old, I was spending Christmas vacation at my Grandparents’ farm. On Christmas Eve that year, myself and several of my siblings and cousins saw what I would later understand to be a UFO. 930 altre parole