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Team Leader Julia Siracusa is a Real Haunted Housewife

HORSEFLY CHRONICLES – TEAM LEADER – Julia Siracusa –  III Fold Paranormal – “Legend of Cropsey”

Team Leader Julia Siracusa is a Staten Island native who is spearheading the latest investigation of “The Legend of Cropsey.” The Lady of the Horsefly Chronicles House discovered her gifts at the tender age of 5. 235 altre parole


NASA Hacker Discovers List of Non-Terrestrial Officers & UFOs

In 2002, Scottish IT expert Gary McKinnon was arrested for hacking into 97 US military and NASA systems. During a 13-month period McKinnon was able to breach government servers via a desktop computer belonging to his girlfriend’s Aunt under the name ‘Solo’. 700 altre parole



the UFOs kept shocking our radios

with weird signals

swelling the fear of incursion

till we dispatched an envoy to Jupiter’s Lounge

to dialogue with the ‘Others’ 47 altre parole


Top 6 UFO cases

Throughout the years since UFO’s were first reported there have been some that have stood out more than others. Here is my top 6 list of UFO cases with a brief description and link for more information. 268 altre parole

Potential froggings and possible breaks

Until a couple of weeks ago, my bamboo eyelet cardigan was coming along nicely, when suddenly, I started to not really like how it was shaping up. 149 altre parole