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When You Get a Pet and You’re Not Ready to Love, Again - Edited By King Leon Ulrich

Love: it’s different for all of us. Some of us, like myself, make it more difficult than it has to be.

It is possible that this is a shared sentiment for many of us. 744 altre parole


1/21 Ulrich's Mind V

Ulrich sat slumped in the corner, his sword lying on the ground next to him. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, just dirty woolen trousers. I hadn’t noticed before, but he had the body of a movie star portraying an athlete. 565 altre parole

1/20 Ulrich's Mind IV

When I came to, Ulrich was gone and so was the agony. I hadn’t felt pain like that in a long time. Something must have hurt Ulrich. 472 altre parole

1/18 Guns

Jennifer hopped out of the card and grabbed the duffle bag from the bag seat, tossing it on the ground. She knelt, and began to pull out an arsenal, one piece at a time. 646 altre parole

1/15 Alley III

I’m pretty sure that I’ve been clear, but in case I wasn’t, or you’re particularly dense, Gabriel is a big problem.

Unlike when he appeared in the Church this morning, Gabriel isn’t in some host or vessel, he’s here in all his righteous, pompous glory. 839 altre parole

1/14 Alley II

In the face of Ulrich’s accusations, all Hakim could do was echo back the words he heard.

“Repent?” He whispered, “forgiveness?”

“Tell me what crimes you committed, the demons you consorted with.” Ulrich commanded. 300 altre parole

1/13 Alley I

I followed my old host through the backdoor of The Crossroads. Hakim Al-Sahir’s body, now little more than a homunculus following orders shambled out, dragging a bag of trash, destined to never reach the dumpster. 325 altre parole