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Mundane Life in Oblivion: End of Ulrich. Day 15.

I have decided I should run the Ulrich situation by Garrus one more time. I’m not totally sold on the idea of murdering him yet. Perhaps Garrus can offer an alternative. 830 altre parole

Elder Scrolls

Women’s History Month

Today marks the start of Women’s History Month. Historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said in the 1970s, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” We are mesmerized by the incredible ladies who paved the path for future generations as trailblazers.

Women's History

Ulrich - Brunch

Are you the brunching type?
I have my lazy-sundays were I barely go to the city and just relax at home and make myself food. 336 altre parole


I need to see a tree

I need to see a tree. It’s a biological or perhaps a psychological need. I’ve often worked multiple jobs and gone to school. But very rarely does my pace catch up to me. 408 altre parole


#CIPD14 - Managing Strategic Change While Developing a Passionate HR Team

Graham Salisbury from ActionAid UK talking to us about this – what went well and what was a challenge.

Context of the org in the past – 200 staff with 60% turnover(!), inadequate HR governance, poor payroll controls, scrutiny from Border Agency over work permits, lack of leadership in HR (team of 5) and no time to do anything except transactional basics. 583 altre parole

Learning & Development

In the Basement

These are no ordinary basements, they are Ulrich Seidl basements.

Of course Austrian basements are best known for rather sinister reasons, which is why Seidl’s new documentary takes us inside some that are a bit less notorious. 365 altre parole


carving update

Hi All,

things have been a bit crazy recently (excuses, excuses) and I haven’t had time to post anything – most of what I have been commissioned to carve has been surprise gifts and so not things I can blog about, but in between times I have been working on the two side cheeks for my crossbow project, and have also worked on an antler end-plate.  102 altre parole