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Beautiful Vienna

Since it’s the holiday season and most people are planning their Summer vacations, it’s made me nostalgic for some of the places I travelled to and loved . 804 altre parole



Hey ihr Lieben! :)
Ich war heute mit einer Freundin im Ulrich brunchen und die haben dort echt super Sachen! Also mein Essen hat genauso gut geschmeckt wie es aussieht :D Würd ich euch empfehlen, dort mal vorbeizuschauen ;)
Eure Emma

Interview with an Anon: Ulrich

Greetings and Salutations:

Since my last article, I have been someone of an internet sensation. Apparently, interviewing Anons and talking about Anonymous operations makes one very popular in certain circles. 1.068 altre parole

Jude Connors

SZ: "Ist er so perfide ... oder sind wir so dumm?"

Zu finden hier.

Autor: Bernd Ulrich

weswegen sich in den nächsten Wochen auch noch die 300.000 in der zerstörten Stadt verbliebenen Syrer auf den Weg machen dürften.

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Metallica studio albums - my rankings

(Sidenote – before anyone reading this spits out their coffee over my listings, its just an opinion, like an asshole, everybody has one, and this one is mine, muthafuckas!) 2.097 altre parole

HR Theory, HR Practice

As everyone gets ready for the CIPD’s Annual conference in Manchester this week, I thought I’d provide a helpful guide for newer attendees on some of the various  HR terms they may encounter and what they really mean… 354 altre parole

HR Thoughts