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1/15 Alley III

I’m pretty sure that I’ve been clear, but in case I wasn’t, or you’re particularly dense, Gabriel is a big problem.

Unlike when he appeared in the Church this morning, Gabriel isn’t in some host or vessel, he’s here in all his righteous, pompous glory. 839 altre parole

1/14 Alley II

In the face of Ulrich’s accusations, all Hakim could do was echo back the words he heard.

“Repent?” He whispered, “forgiveness?”

“Tell me what crimes you committed, the demons you consorted with.” Ulrich commanded. 300 altre parole

1/13 Alley I

I followed my old host through the backdoor of The Crossroads. Hakim Al-Sahir’s body, now little more than a homunculus following orders shambled out, dragging a bag of trash, destined to never reach the dumpster. 325 altre parole

1/11 Ulrich's Mind III

I languished in Ulrich’s mind for another few days before he visited me again. The sounds of battle continued to echo down the stone corridors to my cell, but the tone had changed. 474 altre parole

1/9 Ulrich's Mind II

“who are you?” I asked. His silence grated on me and I had been such on the cell for long enough already. I wanted answers, and I was going to get them. 898 altre parole

1/4 Ulrich's Mind I

Slowly, I regained my sight. Not quite sure what just happened to me. My, something hurts.

My head. That’s what it’s called. I couldn’t see much, the vague outlines of bars in front of me, surrounded by stone. 334 altre parole

The Wait: Metallica's Hardwired To Self Destruct

It’s difficult to know where to begin in reviewing a new Metallica album. I’ve listened to Hardwired…To Self Destruct many dozens of times, and have watched the album wide collection of music videos that the band released (in one of the more interesting and expensive promotional stunts in metal history). 2.301 altre parole