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The "Erasmus Bubble" and PED (Post-Erasmus Depression)

Recently, I did a semester abroad on Erasmus in Umeå University in the North of Sweden. I had so many unforgettable experiences, formerly surrounded by snow and darkness, and then later engulfed in constant brightness, with daily barbeques echoing to the voice of Zara Larsson and the music of Kygo. 422 altre parole

Oulu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa and Umea: Travel, travel, travel, travel...

We left Oulu at 5am on Sunday morning, with a long walk from our AirBnb’s place to the bus station. Luckily we then knew where we were going. 1.299 altre parole


In the land of Never Dark...

I guess the first question is probably ‘why go to the Arctic Circle’? Followed perhaps by a second question. ‘So where is it, exactly’? So let me try to explain the situation, in reverse order. 1.051 altre parole


Efter att ha besökt Luleå i slutet av maj, blev slutet av juni ett besök i den mer söderbelägna staden Umeå. Det är en studentstad uppe i Västerbotten med förvånansvärt hög befolkning för sitt nordliga lägen. 1.015 altre parole


BRA operates its last SAAB 2000 revenue flight

On June 25, 2017 BRA – Braathens Regional Airlines (Stockholm-Bromma) flew for the last time with the SAAB 2000. The last flight was operated from Stockholm-Bromma to Umeå. 39 altre parole

Day 34: Traditions and Updates

This week saw the beginning of one line of work, and the continuation of another. We began work with some small logs that are part of a global study looking at decomposition rates – on Tuesday morning we collected the logs for this year’s measurements, and Wednesday afternoon we made the initial measurements before leaving them in the drier for the next few days. 221 altre parole