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Beverly Hills & Rodeo Drive

Hey, hope you are doing well! It’s been a hot minute since I wrote my last blog post – I have been super busy at my day job & my holiday to LA and Vegas feels like so long ago now, even though I got back just two weeks ago. 218 altre parole


Q&A With American Ballerina Rocky Despain

I recently had the pleasure of asking Rocky Despain some questions about her amazing journey as a ballerina. Rocky is an amazing dacner, she graces the stage with poise and grace. 232 altre parole


Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico – The World’s Largest Radio Telescope For Over 50 Years

The Arecibo Observatory was home to the largest single-aperture telescope from the date of its completion in 1963 until July 2016, when the… [click to read more]


Q&A With American Ballerina Ashley Forche

I recently had the opportunity to ask Ashley Forche some questions about her incredible journey as a ballerina. Ashley is a phenomenal dancer, she graces the stage with poise and beauty. 397 altre parole


Contrasting opinions on whether Trudeau should condemn Trump separation of children policy (in end, he did)

David Moscrop arguing he should:

…In his 1961 inaugural address, John F. Kennedy warned, in a different context, that “those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger, ended up inside.” More than 50 years later, here is Canada—beacon of hope, moral exemplar to the world, shiny liberal Valhalla—mounted squarely on the raging cat, trying to manage a relationship with an addled and unpredictable authoritarian south of the border while human rights abuses occur right in front of our faces.

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82% of Dreamers Won't Benefit from House Bill's Citizenship Path

Solid analysis:

House Republicans will vote on their “compromise” immigration bill this week. Moderate Republican supporters of the bill may argue that its many restrictionist features…

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Four Words to Avoid in a Debate

As you probably know, we were in Utah a couple of weeks ago, partly for work and partly to see another part of the USA (my mother was born there and I had never been). 761 altre parole