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USA or Canada - Which is better for a PhD?

The age old question that is on the mind of international students everywhere – answered.

There’s a number of issues to keep in mind that will become the basis of your decision to choose one country over another. 1.496 altre parole


High jump

“Producer Eddie” of the Raging Idiots

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Iran blames Ahvas attack to U.S. and allies

Following the deadly attack during the  military parade in southwestern of Iran’ Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said it was linked to the United States… 253 altre parole


Louisiana's Unique Food Culture: 10 Signature Dishes & Drinks

I never pictured myself digging into a mountain of crawfish with my hands, having alligator as an appetizer or considering deep-fried pickles as normal (and delicious). 758 altre parole


É hora de desmistificar o Trump para os brasileiros

Tenho escutado muita gente dizer que “se o Bolsonaro é um perigoso para o Brasil assim como Trump é para os EUA, eu quero um perigo desses para cá urgente”. 708 altre parole


So Many TCKs!

Hello readers! My second week of CDL school has been completed. I have truly been learning something new every day. Mostly, more of the details about what the DOT test entails and how many ways there are to flunk it. 691 altre parole