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Why does it smell like abroad?

I moved to London this winter. Stuck my head out the window yesterday evening and the smell was very reminiscent of evenings on holiday in Europe (Italy, Greece, south of France). 52 altre parole


Why do a lot of uk tv shows only do 6 episodes a season?

In america, networks typically do 18-26, cable 10-12, and streaming 10-12.

Why are a lot of your shows just 6 episodes in a season?

eBay reps the UK proudly! ++ Original post here


Are unpaid internships fair?

I’ve been offered potentially doing a 2-3 week unpaid internship but it’s got me thinking. Should I trade my labour for something to put on my CV and not get paid for it? 51 altre parole


Recent successful & anthemic songs by a British artist/band?

I was just listening to Oasis, and it struck me that songs like Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Wonderwall etc. were both really successful and widely loved by young and old in the UK. 48 altre parole


Where in London can I get a Jaydess IUS?

My GP doesn't offer it, and it seems like most clinics only offer Mirena and copper coil.

Anyone who knows a clinic? Or has experience with Jaydess? 9 altre parole

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Self checkout for loose goods?

So basically, for anyone who have experience with self checkouts, how do you checkout bakery food. For example, last week I put 4 croissants in a bag and when i use the self checkout, i looked up an item and selected croissant but there was no quantity option and it instantly thought i was purchasing one. 39 altre parole