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Carnevali di montagna tra maschere, storia ed antiche leggende.

É quasi tempo di carnevale ed anche nella nostra Valle inizia a crescere il fermento per questa festa che trae origine dalle più antiche storie e leggende. 791 altre parole


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58108 new year bird

The call of an unfamiliar bird captures my attention, and
forms the heart of this recording, cutting through the
sounds of New Year’s activities in a temple in Shaxi. 378 altre parole


Almost a 50mm lens

Everybody knows about the analogy between a photographic camera and our eyes.

 Versione Italiana sotto ↓

If you consider that cornea and crystalline are similar to two lenses, the iris is the diaphragm with the sensor of the retina, and the game is done. 510 altre parole


Lungarno Gambacorti: Palazzo Blu

I met two girls in the hostel. One is from Turkey, she studies at the University of Pisa(Università di Pisa). The price of this hostel is a huge burden, especially she must stay here for a long time.Therefore she had found other place to stay. 227 altre parole


Piazza dei Miracoli: Torre Pendente (Leaning Tower)

      This is the map which I took from the hostel I stayed in Pisa. No doubt it, the most well-known building here is Torre Pendente. It takes about 10 minutes by bus from Pisa Central Train Station, and it takes almost 20 minutes by your feet from the station. 

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Why You Should Visit Italy

Have you ever eaten a fresh, hot Margherita Pizza, or a sweet, creamy Cannoli? If you have, then you must know that they originate from Italy. 447 altre parole