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The Darling DevelopTV Correspondent

Video Story 2

DevelopTV covers everything fashion in the Midwest. Hosting red carpets at fashion events like Omaha Fashion Week as well as visiting local salons and clothing stores DevelopTV is your go to spot for behind the scenes footage. 122 altre parole

To Julie Andrews on her birthday

Dear Julie,

You, my dear, are by far one of the most enchanting women in show business. Ever since I was a child and you graced my television screen as Mary Poppins, you’ve been beloved by me. 365 altre parole

General Musings

'My Own 'Victor / Victoria' Days'


I met Kathy Q and Virginia during my nights socialising and dancing at disco clubs (1979 – 1980).

Kathy Q began as a light relationship, yet became important.   2.290 altre parole

Victor Victoria

First of all, I have to say that I might just be a little bit in love with Julie Andrews. To be fair, who isn’t? 574 altre parole