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Vincent Mills - Winter Week 07

This week was… strange. On one hand, I did get a good amount of work done. On another, I’ve had technical issues that, while is fine for the others since they received most things, is bad for me because I lost much of my proof for it. 228 altre parole

Motion Capture

Vincent + Marissa (Excerpt)

Just a practice romance scene I wrote.

Marissa made her way to the car. In her own mind, she could never be fast enough. Pulling her drenched purse up on her shoulder, she reached out to the door handle with the same hand. 845 altre parole

Checking out Teacher

People in the well to do town of Filton were always a little cautious of new comers. They were a close knit community and scrutinised those new to their town with wary eyes, especially those who would be close to their children. 859 altre parole

Vivika Widow

Resident Animal

I’m tempted not to state my interest

Moons sky brings me back to reality

Barren buildings and owned killings

Faces swapped so none can see… 95 altre parole



The Comets Tale: ex-RAF strip at Church Lawford near Rugby saw speed events such as this drag racing in ‘65. A half liter Vincent is the perfect vehicle upon which swiss-miss Margret Reiser has a snappy launch along the quarter mile runway. 10 altre parole


Vault no. 56

On the north side of this vault near the gates is a plaque which bears the most recent inscription in the cemetery. Peter Darracott Le Lievre is not buried here – his death is registered in the district of Truro, in Cornwall – but as we shall see he was a direct descendant of the earlier generations of the Le Lievre family, recorded on the lid. 784 altre parole

Family History


Name: Faseyosan Vincent Tobi

Birthday:September 22

Favourite artist: Hillsongs

Favourite Bible verse: Romans 8: 32

Hobbies: Talking, trading and sleeping