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Vanity Sicks will disband.

Vanity Sicks will disband after July 22nd. The members messages on their website are very positive concerning their journey together and I haven’t found any reason behind their decision to dissolve. 174 altre parole


Dietary Choices

When the van doors opened, I was blinded. Again.

“Damn floodlights,” the vampire muttered, suggesting his eyesight wasn’t any better than mine at the moment. For a second, just a second, I thought of jumping out and running away. 501 altre parole


Slash n' Dash! | Week 2 Update

Tasks completed:

  • Had a meeting to confirm the base mechanics of the game – 6 hours
  • Organized an agenda for an emergency meeting – 1 hour…
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Vincent Countdown

It’s time to countdown to Vincent’s arrival again – looking forward to May 12!


Arrowheads, falling asleep 

Black wheatgrass is the dark blue storm

Sleeping arrowheads longing to morn

Juice of the corpses

mortuary sorted

Standing at the camp

Humors, bile and can’t… 42 altre parole


It's a tough choice.

I like Vincent. My partner, who has been playing SV even longer than I have,¬†has this to say about him (every single time): “Who’s Vincent? 93 altre parole