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"What Is Jeopardy?"

On a March 30th in history, anesthesia was first used on a surgical patient.  Also on this day in history, a pencil that included an attached eraser was patented.   104 altre parole

Watch the New Movie Trailer for Entourage

Vincent Chase directs a movie and goes way over budget in the new Entourage movie trailer.

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THE WEN. BY B SAUNDERS ESQ. (This is no’ goin’ to be easy to rea’ but it true and so it is writ in a Scot’s accen’ to make belea’ that this is the end of the tie and no’ the begin, which it is).

There’s is a new kid in town and that is me.  This is the new one and there is an old one too.  That is Martin Amis who is new to the game of self-publish and old to the game of publish.  989 altre parole

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Tim Burton Day - Film Opinion: Tim Burton’s Vincent

Katie Young looks at one of Tim Burton’s early animation pieces, Vincent, and its inspirations …

October 1982 saw the theatrical release of a short stop-motion film by a young apprentice animator at Disney. 757 altre parole

"...a new failure — and I have had enough of it.”

Before leaving Saint-Rémy, he wrote to Émile Bernard:

“…And yet, once again I let myself go reaching for stars that are too big —
a new failure — and I have had enough of it.”


A Dash of Salt

One of the most famous motorcycling photos was taken in 1948 of a speedo suited Rollie Free lay prone along the backbone of a Vincent Black Lightning and tore along the Bonneville Salt Flats at 150.313 mph. 56 altre parole