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Vincent, Part III: You’re Boring Me, Alright -- And Not In The Biblical Sense

In which my politeness prevents me from heaving a ho: wholey unsuitable suitor, that is.

Vincent stood up to greet me. I noted how tall he was, a plus for me always, considering I was already on the tall side and liked to wear high heels. 284 altre parole


Take Me To Church

Now I understand

What you tried to say to me

And how you suffered for your sanity

And how you tried to set them free… 734 altre parole

Just A Thought

From the Big Chair

In the formulation of my degree of antithesis towards the subject of psychiatry, you will agree that I am experienced, will you not, if you hear of the number of times I have been subjected to stays in the facsimile to what is called a Health Clinic in the USA.  302 altre parole


Leon boss John Vincent secretly works in his own restaurants

The Leon co-founder swaps his suit for an apron every Monday, and can be found making wraps in one of his restaurants

Many chief executives talk about the importance of understanding their front-line business but few take hard action. 696 altre parole


Vincent, Part II: The Call of the Wild

In which I have a brush with — apparently — Her Majesty’s best-kept teeth.

In my clingy, scoop neck dress with the chichi Hermès equestrian print — a great setting for my 38DD girls — I braved the intimidating gauntlet of thirty and forty something guys in suits at the bar, smiling and excuse me-ing my way to the back where the tables awaited. 280 altre parole