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Movie Monday- Tim Burton films

Hello and welcome to another Movie Monday, created by Emily Boone. This week we are looking at Tim Burton, who happens to be one of my least favorite directors. 344 altre parole

Movie Monday

Landscape Art

I painted this today. It’s oil on a 50cm x 60cm canvas. It’s a Landscape piece with trees, flowers, lush green grass, hills, clouds inspiration for love, peace and hope. 17 altre parole


Liverpool Landscape Artist

Landscape Art By Vince Camilleri

Landscape Art By Vince Camilleri

Landscape Artist, Vince Camilleri toured the world playing guitar for the BEATLES drummer Pete Best. He was former frontman for the band DUST alongside Jamie Murphy and Franny Griffiths from The Liverpool band SPACE, who had top hit hits like “Female Of The Species” and “Neighbourhood”. 39 altre parole


A walking starry night

She was the kind of girl that makes you wonder why ever time you see her, you’re reminded by a piece of art. The way her words are just droplets of colors, that made there way from her soul, and how each detail, and everything she wore was a master piece hidden to be seen by a passionate eye. 259 altre parole

Take What You Can Get - Thankful Thursday

For all that Vincent likes to chew up our shoes (we’ve lost at least ten so far and not all from the same pair…), he doesn’t chew on any of our power cords. 20 altre parole



Stars among the stars

In the light blue sky

Looking at the darkness thy

Through the easy summer day

Shadows at the hills

At canvass there are flower trees… 200 altre parole