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Loving Vincent (2017), the way you live 1

First sight of the title, I decided to watch this movie, not only to admire the great artist in history, but also to watch the movie itself, the technic it is using, the scripts, the way of telling the story, etc. 341 altre parole


EastEnders: Danger on Albert Square; Don't Do It, Mick!

Oh, Mick, what have you got yourself into? EastEnders delivered another top-notch episode tonight (Friday 8th December) that left us with more questions than answers in regards to the secret plans of mysterious newcomer Aidan. 551 altre parole

George Bagwell White (1783-1857)

George Bagwell White was baptised in West Lulworth, Dorset on 25 February 1783. He was the son of Andrew White (1741-1807) and Anne White nee Bagwell (1749-1814) 866 altre parole


Tim Burton

Timothy Walter Burton, animador, escritor, director, productor y artista… nació el 25 de agosto de 1958 en Burbank California, de Niño soñaba con ser como Dr. 179 altre parole

My Television

Vincent Mills PPJ 09 11/27/17 – 12/4/17

If I were to describe this week in a word, it would be: progress. In the week leading up to our animatic, I have done all I could to balance catching up in two classes, preparing for the winter break, and finishing up as much unfinished work as I could for the Motion Capture, and, while I do wish I had done more for the team, the work that I had done was finished to the best of my ability and has planted the seeds to help the others as well. 500 altre parole

Motion Capture

LOVING VINCENT (Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman, 2017)

I’m the type of person that would be willing to pay the hefty entrance fee of a museum just for the experience, end up staring (cluelessly) at the paintings for a few minutes, and then leave to get some frozen yogurt. 153 altre parole