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Getting Started with the NSX-T API and Postman

Wether you like it or not, the API plays a significant role when installing, configuring, and managing an NSX-T environment. Sooner or later you will be facing tasks that either require you to use the API or simply are much faster to complete using the API. 766 altre parole


SRA installation for SRM Appliance

Now we will perform the following installation procedure on the Site Recovery Manager systems at the protected and recovery sites.


  • Download the Storage Replication Adaptor (SRA) you need at VMware website.
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Deploying the Site Recovery Manager Appliance

We will perform the following installation procedure on the SRM Appliance at the protected and recovery sites.

Log in to the vSphere Web Client or the vSphere Client on the protected site. 320 altre parole


Powershell and PowerCLI

Have you ever wanted to work on your VMware environment and your Windows environment using one command line tool? Maybe write scripts for both with the same tool? 112 altre parole


Email notification for schedule task doesn’t go to relay server configured in vCenter.

Email notification can be configure for vCenter alerts as per documentation

However when you do any schedule activity such as snapshot / power on-off and give email address for this activity it may not go to relay server configured in the vCenter server as per above documentation. 141 altre parole


Unable to open vCenter web console (Flash/HTML) after migrating from 6.5.X to 6.7.X

While opening Flash client (https://vcsa.domain.local/vsphere-client/), you may see error while opening Flash client.

An internal error has occurred-No state found from reature NativeBrowserFileTranster
Reloading the client is recommended so as to clear any problems left by this error. 221 altre parole