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Discord Echo Voice Test Hack

open a Chrome incognito window and go to https://discordapp.com/

press the button

Enter a username

once the web page opens you will be asked to setup… 80 altre parole


5 Reasons to choose calling cards over VOIP and Skype

Did you ever get confused as to what is better to use when you want to make international calls? Using an international calling card is always the best and simple choice as you can use from anywhere and any phone. 15 altre parole

Streaming In A New Direction: I Want Your Feedback!

Chateau Modoc has survived the great torrential rain in South Carolina. Well, mostly! We did end up with a few obscure water leaks and now we have to wait for an insurance mitigation company to be able to come out and assess the damage and determine repairs. 311 altre parole


VoIP communication: SIP Vs Skype

An effective communication between two parties plays an important role in the business world. The direct form of communication is much better than sending mails that even takes a while to sent message across. 13 altre parole

Tracking the Evolution of UC Technology

Defining unified communications is more complicated than it seems, but a thorough understanding of UC technology is required before informed buying decisions can be made. Not only is the UC value proposition difficult to articulate, but it involves multiple decisions that impact both the IT group and end users. 1.132 altre parole

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VirtuaCon Game Sign-ups Now Live

The folks over at VirtuaCon have compiled the game schedule (more likely to be added)¬†and have begun allowing players to sign up for games. If you’re interested in learning more about VirtuaCon or signing up for some games, please following the links below. 55 altre parole


Skype - How The Voip Service Works

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP services. From its early days as a small company, it’s grown into quite a behemoth and has also expanded its service offerings despite stiff competition from many other companies providing the same service. 9 altre parole