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Why VoIP System Is The Top Choice For Business Communications?

The past few years have seen an immense increase in the rise in the number of alternatives to traditional telephone systems used for business communications. Among various alternatives, the VoIP system or Voice Over Internet Protocol has attained the maximum popularity because of the benefits and features that this system has. 268 altre parole


VoIP Service for Small to Medium Business: Is It Worth the Switch?

Here, we measure the favorable advantages and disadvantages of changing over to a VoIP system, and how to augment the potential advantages to your organization should you choose to venture out into a world with conceivable outcomes for virtual phone numbers, phone message and fax sending, and consistent Wi-Fi to cell arrange reconciliation. 849 altre parole


There were a number of Polycom VOIP phones that needed to cleaned, factory reset, default admin passwords changed, firmware upgraded to the most recent versions and configured. 254 altre parole


FreePBX - Yealink Phonebook Generator | BASH

After deploying a few PBX’s, you get bored of manually generating the required XML for remote phonebooks on Yealink Handsets.
Here’s the first version of the phonebook.xml creation script. 438 altre parole


Google Voice is getting an upgrade

Google’s somewhat aging VoIP calling service, Google Voice, is preparing to roll out a significant update, the company has confirmed. Several Google Voice users this week reported seeing an upgrade link touting “the new Google Voice” on the web version of the service, along with a link that would let them try it out. 453 altre parole



I spent most of the day going thru completed tickets so I could see the flow of how issues were resolved. There are a number of issues I was reading thru ranging from simple domain renewals to more complex internet service loss or website failure. 112 altre parole


Replacing Legacy Telephony

I remember sitting in on an industry panel somewhere in the mid-2000s and hearing a discussion about how VoIP was going to sweep the business world and that the PBX would be obsolete within just a few years. 732 altre parole

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