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Will Closed Telecoms environments survive the growth of application led communications?

Cavell attended the TADSummit in Lisbon this week which is one of the largest events in Europe for Telecoms Application Developers to come together and show off their new products, applications and integrations. 713 altre parole

Don’t Underestimate the Power of International Calling!

I live in U.A.E and I have just completed my Bs in Science this year. I am writing this blog to praise the technology and to bow that person who introduced the notion of… 523 altre parole


Donovan's Sisyphean Task

In  Greek Mytholody Sisyphus, King of Corinth and son of king Aeolus,  promoted commerce and navigation. Unfortunately, he also became known for his avaricious and deceitful behavior.   383 altre parole

Why Should I use a VPN service?

A virtual private system association accomplishes two specialized results:

1) a VPN shrouds and scrambles your sign, making your online action totally obscured to any meddlers… 1.236 altre parole


Static IP Addresses are for the Seasoned Traveler

Traveling overseas is great. You get to experience new culture, see beautiful and diverse landscapes, and best of all it’s good for the soul. 571 altre parole

Static IP

Q&A: Can I Skype?

Q A friend in Australia want me to get Skype so that we can talk without incurring huge costs. Does my iMac have the microphone and speakers necessary… 154 altre parole