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Kingpin who made 100 million robocalls loses his voice

How easy is it to download automated phone-calling technology, spoof numbers to make it look like calls are coming from a local neighbor, and robo-drag millions of hapless consumers away from what should be their robot-free dinners? 646 altre parole


Common Terminology for the VoIP Termination Forum

When we come to the VoIP technology the only thing that revolves around our head is VoIP calling. VoIP calling means how the call is working over the internet and not on some regular traditional telephone. 681 altre parole

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VoIP Switch - The Cornerstone Of A VoIP Network

Usually VoIP has many beneficial features over the traditional phone system. A VoIP switch is the first requirement of establishing a strong and reliable VoIP network.

Two Factor Authentication with SMS and Voice Calling

More and more online services turn to two factor authentication as a relaible way to protect access.

Regular username and password based authentication relies on a single set of access credentials (username and password) which is something user “knows”, i.e. 430 altre parole


How to build Callback service with VoIP

Callback is very popular service and its use still is growing

International and Long Distance call rates vary from country to country and from network to network. 483 altre parole


Databases in VoIP and SMS

Compexity of designing proper database solution for VoIP or SMS service

The importance of dat in any online business can not be underestimated. The dat is central also to the VoIP and SMS operations. 617 altre parole


Global VoIP: 2018 Consumption, Capacity, Production, Sales, Market And Revenue Forecast To 2025

This report studies the global Business VoIP market, analyzes and researches the Business VoIP development status and forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia. 311 altre parole