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Plugging Away at the "To Do" List

It’s convention season and I am slammed with all kinds of things going on! Here’s where I stand with my current projects and what’s on the horizon. 148 altre parole


Fail2ban unban a IP or Unblock an IP

cd /var/log/

nano fail2ban.loga and search for banned IP address.

iptables –L –n

Get the banned type from the output and try the following:

fail2ban-client set… 14 altre parole


Ancient Modern Communications

I live in what has been called the last eastern city in the United States — Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our houses are old (I live in a 109-year-old Victorian), our roads are curvy (we have avenues that intersect avenues), and quite a few of our garages began their lives as horse barns. 55 altre parole

Unified Communications

Capturing VoIP Conversations with Wireshark

Is VoIP the next big thing regarding telephony? Certainly it is! Is it secure enough at this particular moment? I don’t think so! Let’s see if we can capture, record and replay a VoIP call using Wireshark! 334 altre parole


Premier Products & Services



You have access to get professional network administration for your home or business. Our premiere service Include keeping your PC’s clean and functional as well as maintaining your other network devices such as routers, switches, access points, etc. 785 altre parole


Are You in the Business of Selling VoIP?

If you’re in the business of selling VoIP phone service, then there are some important facts your business should know. Besides, thoroughly describing all the facts and benefits VoIP provides will help increase sales. 509 altre parole



Do you use a landline? We have a landline. I realized we don’t use it that much. We are thinking of cancelling our landline. My husband has his cell phone and I have my… 77 altre parole