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Nursing Informatics Terminology Self Study: usability, ergonomics, change theory

Usability studies can be used to support IT in a number of ways. Which of the following are reasons to complete these studies in a health care setting? 2.146 altre parole

Nursing Informatics

Fantasy: The Modern Day Office Telephone

Let’s face it: Avaya is loosing customers left and right. Cisco, Mitel and ShoreTel are wooing customers as well as broadband service providers, and and a few integrators pushing the Tip and Ring over IP Linux daemon, Asterisk. 242 altre parole

nurango's Phone System is Taking Over Businesses!

nurango’s SECURE Phone System is much more than just phone calls. It’s a Unified Communications system complete with Voice, Video, Fax by mail, Messaging and Full call encryption. 39 altre parole

Know Your VoIP Phone System with this Helpful Glossary

Have you ever been part of a conversation with a group of people who seemed to be speaking their own language? Perhaps it made you feel left out and it was difficult to connect with the group on a personal level because of what seemed like a language barrier. 803 altre parole


Interesting Voice Over IP (VoIP) Facts

Voice over Internet protocols technology is nothing new and has been here for the last two decades, enabling the customers to communicate from one to another. 339 altre parole


Your Business Needs These Virtual Phone Service Features

Small business owners and small businesses are getting on board with using a digital phone service.

The mobile-friendly capabilities and business-focused features are just a few of the appealing elements of this business communication solution. 521 altre parole

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