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Buzz Food

Having trouble when you raise up your hands but waiter ignore you? or you don’t wanna interact with other people but wanna order food at the same time? 41 altre parole


Download Web Page Maker 3 21 Keygen

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How AI and the web reveals more about humanity than we realize

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Advances in artificial intelligence and technology combined with the power of a handful of tech behemoths seem to be paving the way for an uncomfortable narrative. 723 altre parole


Nintendo's latest update highlights what the Switch is missing

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Nintendo today announced an update to the Switch, with the portable console adding support for social media friendships. Unfortunately, it feels like a blatant reminder of the features the console is missing. 311 altre parole


Unintended Vuln in BackdoorCTF Challenges ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hey, I am SpyD3r(@TarunkantG) from team bi0s and the teambi0s secured 9th position in @BackdoorCTF.
In this CTF there was a lot of unintended vulns, If you talk about web then, I did two first blood on challenges Get-Hired which had about 14 solves, and Get-hired-2 which had only 3 solves, by SpyD3r( 508 altre parole


Life is an Adventure Op2

I’ve set my deadline for this as today. So here it is…

”LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE Op2” is a composition created by twitter feed.

I was on a morning train commuting. 169 altre parole


Under Development | The Motorcycle Project

Each day filmmakers, producers, directors, screenwriters, and actors struggle to make their ideas and projects come to life. As everything else in life, getting the money is usually the biggest problem so finding financial support is an important part of creating audiovisual content. 275 altre parole