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Filming on Drew Campus Sparks Student Backlash

by Michael McCurry

Hollywood has made a brief stop in the Forest. This past week, Drew’s campus was used as a filming location for an upcoming untitled Woody Allen project slated for release in 2018. 493 altre parole


We Take a Break from Our Normal Programming for an Important PSA from Samantha Bee about Sexual Harassment [Updated]

Important News for Men

Anyone who has actually listened to actresses and other women in the entertainment industry knows that the sexual harassment that’s currently creating a scandal in Hollywood and (hopefully) ending careers of powerful executives has been going on since the film and music industries began in the early 20th century. 1.642 altre parole


Woody Allen Should Not Be Allowed On Campus

By Anna Gombert

Woody Allen was never convicted of sexual assault. However, that does not mean he is not a disgusting man who should have been allowed on campus. 569 altre parole


Camerimage Film Festival Includes ‘Mother!,’ ‘Wonder Wheel’ and ‘Wonderstruck’ in Main Competition

Camerimage, the cinematography-focused film festival that opens in Bydgoszcz, Poland, on Nov. 11, announced its main competition slate for the Golden Frog award, which recognizes cinematographers whose imagery contributes significantly to the way a story is told. 176 altre parole

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The Witch I'm Not Hunting

Harvey Weinstein.

There; I said wrote it. Why do I feel like I need to douse my keyboard with isopropyl?

None of the details which have so far emerged, from the sordid to the pedestrian, re the decades long, … 802 altre parole

Current Events

#Me Too

#Metoo, like a lightning rod, is great, but perilous. It gives voice to silenced victims, but has spurred a backlash with fear of a “witch hunt.” Some claim America has a “rape culture,” while others point out worse countries that actually condone rape with on-the-books laws. 819 altre parole