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He once didn’t show up to receive his Oscar because it clashed with his scheduled clarinet gig in the Manhattan Landmark hotel. 149 altre parole

Soapbox: Big laughs and bigger ideas – Why Annie Hall is the greatest big screen comedy of all time

When the Writer’s Guild of America recently announced its picks for the 101 funniest film scripts of all time, Woody Allen’s 1977 classic Annie Hall ended up nabbing the top spot on the list. 743 altre parole


The Front (1976)

The age of Hollywood blacklisting and McCarthyism would be a fascinating subject just on its own for any movie, which is why the fact that many people involved in making… 483 altre parole

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Match point (2005, Woody Allen)

I am a fan of Woody Allen’s films. I loved Annie Hall(1977) and Manhattan(1979). The dialogue was brilliant in both of them. He wrote the scripts for these movies, and also played the main character in both. 392 altre parole

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies

Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies Ever

No question that I am a huge movie fan. Almost as much as I am of running my life by Top 5 lists. 1.049 altre parole

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from the film THE FRONT

“If you’re going to write about human beings you might as well make them people.”

spoken by the character Howard Prince played by Woody Allen… 8 altre parole

Woody Allen - Film By Film

Woody Allen – Film By Film
Introductory Interview With Woody Allen
By Jason Solomons
Carlton Books – £25.00

”You could see Woody Allen’s out-of-time physical clowning as a corrective to our own assumptions of intellectual superiority, and there’s always humour in… 935 altre parole