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Midnight in Paris

I’ve gotten to where I don’t even have high expectations for Woody Allen movies any more. I’ve seen at most half of his films of the last 25 years, and almost all of them have been just OK for me, if that. 1.945 altre parole


Moving Stills (1)

So, a new friend asked me to compile a few of my fave old movies. But immediately she asked, they all flew out my head and it was then I realized I hadn’t seen as many movies/classics as I’d thought. 414 altre parole


Don't Drink the Water (1994) - Woody Allen

An enjoyable comedy with a few brilliant jokes. It’s a screwball comedy, very much influenced by films of the classical Hollywood greats, particularly Billy Wilder (e.g. 49 altre parole


On the Plane to Thailand and Thoughts of a Good Death

On day, I took a long uncomfortable plane ride to Bangkok. As I was getting in my seat and checking things one last time, I realized that I had either lost or left at home the small bag holding my tooth-brush, shaving equipment and all my medicines. 1.119 altre parole


Tuesday 21st April

I watched the end of Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake and all of Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine yesterday. Both are excellent films. But then I realised I had loads of work to do so I’ll have to do that today. 178 altre parole

Film Editing

Película mexicana 'Cronic' la única latina en competencia oficial de Cannes

Se dio a conocer la lista con las películas que competirán en la selección oficial del Festival de Cannes, y hay sólo una cinta latina en la lista y se trata de  228 altre parole