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Your morning update: Jail project advances and the Spring Play opens soon

Floyd County is going it alone to address it’s jail needs. The Charles City Spring Play is a comedy and is just around the corner. The Comets sweep their home golf meet. 575 altre parole

Charles City


“And that image, I conclude, could only be death”

Το κεφάλι του Θεού απουσιάζει, πάνθηρα, αλλά το φως Του ακόμα λάμπει μέσα στην πέτρα του σώματός Του. 242 altre parole


We know how to speak, but do we know how to be silent and listen.

Thought For The Day

Somebody stop Blake Lively

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted, not that I have any great excuses for that. I’m preparing for exams and sending off final essays, but the radio silence is mainly due to my tendency to go feral whenever I have a break from college. 735 altre parole

Marie Gets On Her Soapbox

Johnathon P. Prickles

It occurs to me that Hollywood may be seen as a place that lacks creative influx. That is shy the courage to be truly innovative or out there. 283 altre parole


Favorite Film Friday: Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris follows Gil and his fiancé, Inez, as he tries to write his first novel while also appeasing Inez and her parents. Obsessed with the past, he is transported to 1920s Paris and gallivants with his idols (the Fitzgeralds, Dali, Picasso…) and through his explorations of the past, finds clarity in his present. 382 altre parole