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Medical School Interviews

1969: Onto Yet Even Higher Education 

I don’t know how or why I was ever accepted at any medical school because instead of listing a litany of extracurricular activities, I was a student without portfolio. 864 altre parole


Midnight in Paris.

I found Paris to be a grimy, dirty, overpriced and overrated hovel of a city, crawling with street urchins and riff-raff flogging pebbles and other assorted tat. 394 altre parole

Turning a Blind Eye

I’ve yet to see Manchester by the Sea. From the trailer and the few things I’ve heard it looks good, if a little depressing. Hence perfect for… 957 altre parole

Magic in the Moonlight

“Why would God go to so much trouble if everything comes to nothing?”

This is the ultimate question posed by Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight… 451 altre parole


Deconstructing Woody Allen - A Year with a Filmmaker -

Rogerebert: The act of binge-watching has been normalized thanks to addictive, serialized TV shows and Netflix revivals, but what about the act of binge-watching an artist’s entire oeuvre, especially one as expansive as… 30 altre parole



I was looking for something else in the dusty pile of hard drives, but this Sunday Times magazine piece set me thinking about Woody. He was like a delicate bird nesting in the Dorchester hotel suite whilst the PR machine for whatever film was being promoted churned efficiently around him, passing journalists and photographers before him in what must have been a numbing steady stream…


T-Shirt Clad Winter Tales

Todays weather forecast is that there’s going to be a snow blizzard in Leeds this afternoon.

Blimey there’s nothing to this weather forecasting malarkey. Keeley Donovan and Paul Hudson, you guys get money for old rope…….. 572 altre parole