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He Said That? 8/22/16

From Woody Allen (born 1935), American film director, writer, musician, actor and comedian,  interview for The Collider (2008):

I made the statement years ago which is often quoted that 80 percent of life is showing up.

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Play It Again, Sam (1972)

A neurotic film critic with an obsession with Humphrey Bogart is divorced by his wife and so spends all of his time with friends who unsuccessfully try to set him up with a variety of women. 122 altre parole


Outrageous Brilliance: Sausage Party / Rated 5 Screens

NO CHILD SHOULD SEE THIS FILM!!!! It was a rare stroke of genius that took the form of a cartoon movie. There have been uproarious cartoons in the past i.e. 609 altre parole


Miles (Davis w/ Troupe)

In today’s New York Times, Roxane Gay says she cannot separate the artist from his or her art, so she is therefore not going to see Nate Parker’s  448 altre parole


Irrational Man (2015) ★★★

Woody Allen’s rate at churning out films is extraordinary. He has released at least one film in every year since 1982. However, where his track record used to be consistently very good, in recent years his films have become consistently inconsistent. 652 altre parole