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Hollywood and the Oscar Dilemma

Last Sunday occurred the 87th Academy Awards, or “The Oscars.” According to television’s Nielsen ratings, it was the 5th lowest rated Oscars telecast since ratings began in 1974.  1.110 altre parole


READ: Woody Allen's 1971 Short Story 'Notes from the Overfed'

Notes from the Overfed

(After reading Dostoevski and the new “Weight Watchers” magazine on the same plane trip)

I am fat. I am disgustingly fat. I am the fattest human I know. 1.649 altre parole

Notes From The Overfed

Hollywood Ending

Woody Allen (2002)

Thank God the French exist.

Woody Allen Shares a Nice Sandwich

Subtitled: The one that doesn’t matter at all! 

Adolf Hitler and Woody Allen – Free at Last, Free at Last

One day, Woody Allen was chewing on his lower lip. 1.020 altre parole

Adolf Hitler

A One Night Only Performance Turned NYC Tourist Vacation

OKAY.  Stop, listen!

Almost two weeks ago I had the JOY of going to NYC with my amazing mother.  I was going to sing in a “one-night-only” concert, and mi madre and I decided to turn it into a vacation for us!   1.097 altre parole


Kathy Griffin Claimed Cate Blanchett Will 'Have To Pay' For Being A 'Woody Allen Apologist'

As tonight’s Academy Awards broadcast gets closer, the mud-slinging on and off the red carpet will eventually reach the level of social awkwardness achieved by  130 altre parole

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