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When forum group titles amuse

There is one forum which I’ve recently joined, run by a fellow writer, who amusingly has named one section, The Barbarella Guide to Art and Culture. 307 altre parole


Wonder Wheel

25 years ago, Woody Allen sexually assaulted his 7 year old adoptive daughter, Dylan. “Allegedly.” He has continued to make movies and has continued to be rewarded for them while his young victim has grown up in a world that protected bullies and made excuses for monsters. 654 altre parole


Javier Bardem defends Woody Allen and is 'absolutely not' ashamed of previously working with him

Javier Bardem has defended Woody Allen and has revealed how he is ‘absolutely not’ ashamed of working alongside the filmmaker.

While other A-listers are distancing themselves from the 82-year-old amid his sexual abuse allegations, Javier has spoken out in support of the star. 626 altre parole



Not everybody wakes up.
Not everybody can redeem themselves.
Not everybody gets a chance to become a better person.
Some are on the right path but die along the way… 251 altre parole


4 films that define you...go.

This made the rounds on Twitter earlier today, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. The challenge was to name four films that define you, in celebration of “the personal nature of cinema.” A worthy endeavor. 537 altre parole


Midnight In Paris (2011)


Woody Allen’s love letter to the city of Paris and the great art it has helped create seems even more glowing with wonderment, love and meaning after a gap of 6 years since my first viewing. 514 altre parole

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Photo History of Eyeglasses

I thought it would be fun to look at the changes made to eyeglasses throughout the ages.

The first pair of what we would consider eyeglasses appeared in the late 1400s in Pisa, Italy. 328 altre parole