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54 More on Mappings

In our previous post we introduced the concept of hybrid artefacts that connect physical objects to their digital records. Let’s unpack this a bit further. Way back in… 932 altre parole


If you’re using an ad-blocker like AdBlock Plus (you should be!), and a page tells you that you need to disable your ad-blocker to see the content, it’s time to leave that page, and not return until they change their policy. 249 altre parole

Chrome Now Tops IE

According to NetMarketShare Chrome now accounts for 41.66% of the browser market, 0.31% more than Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge—Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer. … 28 altre parole


Chrome and Firefox, The Best Browsers for Blogging

If you are using Internet Explorer or its predecessor then you aren’t experiencing the blogosphere at its best. For years Microsoft dominated the desktop/laptop but not any more. 124 altre parole

Tony's Posts

Most of us who have spent much time at all on the Internet have heard of forums, threads, posts and comments, but what exactly do these terms mean? 240 altre parole