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How to Write a Marketing Plan

It can be argued that all the web marketing world is more important than the content. After all, if you do not market your site, you will not make any money. 25 altre parole

Business Planning

Conservatives should get off of facebook and avoid it completely...

1 full day staying off of facebook yesterday. It’s gonna stay that way today and for the rest of my life probably. Why did I get off of facebook? 655 altre parole


Internet Dating Delusion!

Today I wanted to present to you, the reader, my belief that the internet has created a group of people who are unable to make commitments. 562 altre parole

Microsoft warns Netscape in prelude to the 'browser war' of 1995-98

Before they were locked in a death struggle known as the “browser war,” the software giant Microsoft and Web upstart Netscape made nice, at least for a while. 670 altre parole

Watershed Year

#whistleblowerkids ELLA and ABRAHAM: evangelists for Hemp Seeds as source of protein

If ever you might have wondered why I spent three months helping the mother of the two ‘whistleblower kids’, here is her higher mission, with her partner Abraham. 500 altre parole


Google's war against apps: Google's battle to erode the importance of apps intensifies

”Google’s battle to erode the importance of apps is intensifying,” Amir Efrati reports for The Information.

“The search giant last fall secretly acquired an ‘app streaming’ startup called Agawi whose technology allows people to access apps on their smartphone without downloading them first,” Efrati reports. 158 altre parole