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Saluting the unassuming wiki, 20 years after its launch

The unassuming wiki, server-based software that allows users to create, revise, edit, update, and delete Web content, last week marked the 20th anniversary of its launch online, in what was a quiet, early demonstration that the Web could be a home to collaboration and collective knowledge-sharing. 576 altre parole

Watershed Year

My Social Media Experiment

All this theory I’ve been learning about Social Media – well it works!

As a small business owner of a real estate company in provincial New Zealand we had been dabbling with Social Media.  401 altre parole

Social Media

Big is Good, but Small is Critical

Did you know that there are 460,000 small businesses in New Zealand, and these businesses contribute to 30% of our annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  This is not only the case for NZ but most other OECD countries, even the USA. 481 altre parole

Social Media

The 2mbps Internet Fast Lane.

Cue stock photo of a frustrated computer user. 

We live in privileged times. With High speed internet practically ubiquitous throughout the UK and the world and any information we could possibly want at our finger tips. 700 altre parole


Book Review (2b/5): Empathy and Entropy ctd. - 'The Empathic Civilisation'

unprecedented economic crisis, together with the social breakdown it has helped to engender, reflects a profound error of conception about human nature itself. For the levels of response elicited from human beings by the incentives of the prevailing order are not only inadequate, but seem almost irrelevant in the face of world events.

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Get More Out Of Your Blog Today!

The Internet is now swarming with thousands of blogs. Everyone seems to have something that they want to say to their audience on the world wide web. 30 altre parole


eBay Through the Ages (and by "ages" I mean the last two decades)

Hold fast, cybermiscellany kiddies, this here post inaugurates a new thing I’m doing, which is taking screencaps of the home pages of popular web sites we all take for granted, from their humble beginnings (or, at least as far back as… 232 altre parole

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