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Leon Rosselson – Palaces of Gold – Meaningful lyrics.

As the Tories busy themselves with laying waste to public services, privatising everything to put gold into the pockets of their chums and messing the country this song has never been more relevant. 427 altre parole


Don’t Mistreat Your Secondary Characters

One of the worst offenses a writer can commit against their stories (and, by extension, their audiences) is to de-emphasize the characterization of their secondary characters in favor of only lending development to their main protagonists. 904 altre parole


The Point of Everything

I encounter so much talent on the page. I am not despairing; really I am older and wiser about this so don’t assume I’m harping on the same tune, but, there are talented people in the world who make writing and being published really, really worth it. 465 altre parole



This little corner of the Internet has been gathering dust over the past few months. Sure, there’s been theatre and music reviews which have kept things moving forward, but the previous schedule I used to have on… 327 altre parole


On Revision

If writing the first draft of a novel is like driving a car at night in the fog (“You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way” ~E.L. 79 altre parole



I guess I have my dad to thank for my love of meditation?

Even as a child, I would go with my him to his Buddhist meetings; I just went for the chocolate biscuits and squash, playing a game on my dad’s phone while they sat. 975 altre parole

fuck art! or not

I refuse to be typecast as the starving artist that will never make it. Even if you look upon my work with scorn and disdain, at least I got a reaction out of you. 6 altre parole