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A Game Of Ghosts: Live, die, repeat

If you’re enjoying something immensely, why would you ever want it to stop? That’s the nub of John Connolly’s Charlie Parker series of supernatural crime-thrillers. The author and his audience certainly seem to relish Charlie’s annual appearance in which he confronts the latest cult of ancient evil to come crawling out of the undergrowth… 554 altre parole

Book Reviews

Episode 13, Part 2

A day later than originally planned, but here it is!
-What is that monster that Agent Fluffy has seen?
-Will Sheriff Snuggles be able to help Dana Fluffy in her investigation? 39 altre parole

EP13 Part 1

Welcome to a new Cat-File (’Bunghoney’)! Sorry for the delay, but we’re back up and running now. We’ll be returning to our usual Monday slot next week (June 19th), to continue this story. 38 altre parole

Mulder and Scully

*X-Files theme plays*

God, I love this ridiculous show. And I love these characters. This was actually my cover photo on facebook for awhile:

But I digress. 61 altre parole


Summer YA Reads

Welcome to our very first CCS Summer Reads post for 2017!  Our goal is to introduce all of our CCS readers to some new reads to keep you busy and engaged with reading… for fun!   733 altre parole

If We Were Having Coffee | June 10th, 2017

Welcome back to another ‘If we were having coffee’ -post were we pretend to meet up for a coffee to catch up with each others lives. 678 altre parole

The Hobbit