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Episode 063: Interview with Brenda Tetreault

Join Elle, AR, and Ishabelle as we chat with #PNR author Brenda Tetreault!

Find out more about Brenda’s books here: https://www.amazon.com/Brenda-Tetreault/e/B007S8JX6Y

**For a chance to win an ebook copy of Tempted, book 1 in the Nightshade series, ask Brenda a question in the comments below.  Contest ends March 17, 2018**

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Shipping and Handling, Part 2: The Partner-Lover Tango

Biting her lip, the detective sat shakily on the couch across from her would-be partner. “…I’ll tell you everything.”

The screen faded to black and my cackles spun out with the end credits. 1.358 altre parole


The X-Files: S11E06 “Kitten” Review

We got a chemtrails episode! Golly! Seems like a long time coming, but it’s finally here!

Now, as soon as you hear the phrase chemtrails, you immediately think that it’s crazy talk! 1.222 altre parole


Power Couple Tag

While desperately looking for a something to post for Valentine’s Day, I remembered that Sophie had tagged me for this tag! So, thanks so much, Sophie! 176 altre parole

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The X-Files: Behind the scenes photos

The 11th season of The X-Files is currently airing in the US and the UK. Despite a few suggestions that the series may continue after this current year, the general consensus is that this is the show’s swansong. 100 altre parole


Interview with Karin Konoval

Hey everybody, so I had quite a fun time being able to interview a great actress from the X-Files series about her episode Plus One from the recent season of the show. 1.329 altre parole

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The Amazon Bin: "Evolution"

In “The Amazon Bin”, I use a Prime account to scour whatever interesting scraps Jeff Bezos’ company feels like throwing on their streaming service. Their library is nowhere near as expansive as Netflix, but Christ can it peak just as hard. 748 altre parole

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