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Mulder and Scully Learn About Airplanes - Retroactive Review of The X-Files Season 1 Episode 2 (Deep Throat)


An Air Force pilot with really bad skin mysteriously disappears, most likely due to his colleagues’ unreasonable hygienic standards.  Sympathizing with those with skin conditions, Mulder close-talks Scully into submitting to his plan of heading to Idaho. 1.177 altre parole


Episode 14, Part 9

Welcome to Episode 14, Part 9!

– Did Mulder release the spirit of Alexa?
– Will Scratcher get more food?
– How will Mulder react to being called a bad kitty? 9 altre parole

April, 1939: Hitler and UFOs!

Yes, you read that title correctly.  And I am so excited for this passage for two reasons:

  1.  I hate talking about Hitler, especially in today’s climate (I THOUGHT MAYBE WE WERE MOSTLY PAST THIS!)  but I love when history explodes out of the pages of these 80 year old books. 
  2. 442 altre parole

KING//HER brings us the X-Files Episode 28

KING//HER who was recently inducted in to the ranks of CapitalK FM radio station, has released Episode 28 of the X-Files on Mixcloud and… 23 altre parole


The day President Carter saw an UFO.

I have to be honest the title is not 100% correct because Jimmy Carter was not President yet , it happened a few years before he took office. 280 altre parole



The truth is out there, I want to believe; these catchphrases were made famous by the 1990’s Tv series The X Files which brought to the screen mysteries of the paranormal. 245 altre parole


Episode 14, Part 8

Hello! Here is episode 14, Part 8 (Sorry it’s late, I set it to post on Tuesday but it never did)

– Is Alexa a ghost, or a tiny being trapped inside the box? 29 altre parole