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The X Files Season 11

I have only recently been properly introduced to the bizarre and brilliant world of the ‘X Files’. As a child, I saw the occasional odd episode every now and then. 1.669 altre parole

AO3 - Spoof Fiction

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Video (otw) X-Files… “THEY”

THEY laugh at us (notice the statues?) because we don’t know what is truth and what is fiction. Their plan is nearing completion.

Video (otw)

What we talk about when we talk about post-truth

The issue is one of trust, not verification.

This Aeon article by Diana Popescu discusses the role of facts in today’s world. Her argument focuses on the political effects of this “fake news” phenomenon; people are less likely to act according to facts, instead relying on their willingness to agree with the facts.

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Fun Stuff

The Woman In The Woods: a darkening descent

Many readers typically discuss the darker, arcane side of John Connolly’s Charlie Parker series but – as the 16th book brilliantly demonstrates – there’s a solid private detective story at the core of this convoluted story. 438 altre parole

Book Reviews


After many years of not watching “The X Files,” Garry and I ran out of stuff to watch. So … we decided to try watching X Files. 264 altre parole


Tony Hillerman: Reading the Signs

A feeling of mystical presence is very real when one looks upon the landscape of the Southwest. A region of scarce water and endless vistas, the Southwest has been a spiritual homeland for countless people, both indigenous and transplanted to the region. 2.552 altre parole