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Review Bits: Trinity, Scooby Apocalypse, Funko X-Files, Reggie And Me

Hello everyone. Here are some bite-sized review bits on comics that have passed by my desk over the last few weeks: 644 altre parole


Blake Crouch's Pines

This review is SPOILER FREE.

I recently read Pines by Blake Crouch after it was  recommended to me. I’d characterise it loosely as an x-files-type mystery. 754 altre parole


Review: Lootcrate April 2017 – INVESTIGATE

This month’s theme was INVESTIGATE and considering the detective work necessary just to get this box, it’s certainly an apt title. Finally, after two months of wrangling with customs, here it is and my first impression of lootcrate is a good one. 862 altre parole

April 2017

Lootcrate Unboxing #1

Here is my first ever Lootcrate unboxing which I am very excited about because I have heard lots about this subscription box and it definitely lived up to my expectations. 77 altre parole


Episode 12, Part 12

That wraps up Episode 12 ‘The Replicants’, thanks for joining us.

Walter Scratcher’s butt saved the day, and was rewarded, with the return of his ‘cat bed’, as well as the return of the agents owners. 15 altre parole

Fox Mulder Announces Australia Tour

Fox Mulder, oops we mean Hank Moody, wait, that’s not right either.. David Duchovny is in a band (when he’s not acting) and that band is coming to Australia. 129 altre parole