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Ranking the Episodes of The X-Files Season 1 - #13-16

Hi all, get ready for #13-16 in my rankings of the Season 1 episodes of The X-Files.  I promise that this post will be at least as mediocre as these episodes. 1.033 altre parole

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We are either alone in the Universe, or we’re not alone. Until formal contact with an extra-terrestrial life-form is established we can only affirm that: … 1.061 altre parole


Shower Thoughts: Part 2 (Pensées de douche: Partie Deux) haha shower in French is douche. okay why am I still writing in the title?


If you notice, this is my first ‘part 2’ of sorts. Yeah, I get irked by these details. (just google the meaning of irk i know you want to). 773 altre parole


Mulder: It’s not so hard to understand. It’s a culture with a very well-defined set of rules.

Scully: It’s an intolerant culture, Mulder.

Mulder: I don’t know, Scully—sometimes a little intolerance can be a welcome thing.

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First Look: Barbie Signature X-Files Scully and Mulder Dolls

It’s been 20 years since Mattel released the first ever X-Files Mulder and Scully Barbie gift set featuring the spooky duo in conjunction with the very first X-Files movie, all the way back in 1998. 149 altre parole


ThreeZero's X-Files Dana Scully Figure Details and Pre-Order

Mid last year, toy company ThreeZero released a crazy detailed 1/6 scale figure of X-Files’ Special Agent Fox Mulder featuring incredible likeness to David Duchovny, tailored suit, alternate hands, weapon, badge and much more.  168 altre parole