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8 Things You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch's Online Service

Nintendo’s brand new online service is out in the wild. We’ve tried it out for a short bit via our American accounts because you always default to that region when you’re on a new Nintendo console. 713 altre parole


The Day 1 Rant and Review on the Nintendo Switch Online Service

This is a day that a lot of Switch owners have been dreading. Now we have to pay for something that was originally free and despite a good price, it still feels like a total rip off. 125 altre parole

New Tresiris clothing and merchandise available through Spreadshirt!

Check out the link below to head over to our storefront.  You can find all types of shirts, hoodies, bags, and even coffee mugs all plastered with your favorite Tresiris logos!  26 altre parole


Censorship and MB deals

1945 – Coincidence?

Reddit link is that people are being censored for talking about Qanon as “hate speech”.  Why would that happen for a conspiracy theory?  479 altre parole

Xbox Games with Gold announced for September 2018

Here’s what Xbox Live Gold members can play on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for September

September 2018’s Xbox Live Games with Gold have been revealed and the lineup is headlined by Prison Architect, Livelock and more. 320 altre parole

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