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Mantan manajer klub Liga Primer Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson akan menyiapkan tim 11 Inggris dan Irlandia dengan David Beckham ditunjuk sebagai kapten dalam pertandingan Charity bulan depan. 206 altre parole

Manchester United

Festival of the Hunt Roast

Breeder: “This year’s specimen is perfect. Nothing can stop him! Ha ha ha! What power!”

Soldier: “Hey, make him stop! It’s too early to let him loose!” 414 altre parole


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 9/30/15

We close out September with an amazing cosplay of Zidane from FFIX.

We all know what October is all about…don’t act like you don’t.  I generally try to do more Halloween-y type cosplays for the entire month (of course what’s Halloween-y is entirely up to my discretion since… 35 altre parole


Real Madrid 02-03 - #5 Zidane

French legend Zinedine Zidane makes the cut, and becomes our first entry into the Kit Cupboard. 128 altre parole

The YouTube Scout

Every time a club is linked with a player nobody has heard of, fans will get hold of the nearest media device to type the player’s name into Google.  1.020 altre parole


Final Fantasy Retrospective Part 9: Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy had jarenlang een vaste sfeer die in elke game weer naar voren kwam. Met de komst van de meer verhalende games ging deze sfeer een beetje verloren. 971 altre parole

Retro Nostalgia